Dangerous Minds A Baker’s Dozen More

As a movie fan that is looking to have the best combination of 1200 movies, I’m always on the look out for what assessments that I can do next to ensure such a combination. And of course, I’ve been rampant with that since mid July 2019, as I finally decided to assess Triple Dog on a day in which I needed to rest my mind from then-constant guessing about where I would rank the Disney version of Tarzan, only to re-assess it nearly three months after that time.

Of course, many other assessments and re-assessments have been done in the many movie assessment marathons that I’ve since completed, such as the 100-movie assessment marathon that I finished from January 3, 2020 through the wee hours of February 9, 2020. And while there were some gems in that run, there were also some real clunkers in there as well. 

 I’ve also made some progress in the Karl-Nine Movie Assessment Marathon and have The Rum Round Marathon all mapped out. However, I’ve also been mapping out other movie assessment marathons in advance during the time in which I was working on the aforementioned 100 marathon, with Dangerous Minds and 13 other movies being selected for the movie assessment marathon that follows The Rum Round Marathon.

To see why Dangerous Minds is in this marathon, as well as the 13 other movies, simply view the chart below:

MovieWhy it’s being assessed
Dangerous MindsIt’s getting re-assessed, due to finding out if some drastic changes in the script can be overlooked for a spot in the Tremendous 1200 Project.
The Beach BumA movie with Snoop Dogg and Martin Lawrence together? Sign me up!
Ghosts Of MississippiIt has long slipped through the cracks of being re-assessed.
BuddyIf a subpar Rene Russo movie in Tin Cup can get re-assessed, then this Rene Russo movie should as well.
LockoutIt’s getting re-assessed, due to wanting to find out how well executed the last scene between Guy Pearce and Peter Stormare was.
The Family TreeDespite how cringe Evan Ross’ character’s pursuit of Hope Davis’ character is in this movie, it’s worth a re-assessment, simply because Britt Robertson is in it.
Sleeping With The EnemyIt needs a re-assessment, due to the fact that Erin Brockovich got re-assessed. Arguably, this Julia Roberts movie is better than that one.
Black KnightIt’s getting re-assessed simply because it will be soothing to hear Shaq and Kobe mentioned in tandem during a movie.
Blazing SaddlesIf Space Balls can get a Tremendous 1200 spot and if Robin Hood: Men In Tights can get such a spot as well, then this movie deserves a re-assessment.
Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar ChildrenIt got an assessment during the time that Blazing Saddles did, therefore it’s as deserving as that movie to get a re-assessment.
Jimi: All Is By My SideIt gets a re-assessment simply because it will be cool to see Andre Benjamin as Jimi Hendrix again.
TakersThe cast involved makes it worth getting a re-assessment again.
The ReunionThere is no such thing as too much Amy Smart in the Tremendous 1200 Project.
Career OpportunitiesThis Jennifer Connelly movie has slipped through the assessment cracks for far too long.