Adding Another “Plaza” To The Foreseeable Assessment Group

As of right now, it’s too premature to tell if my surplus of yet to be assessed movies will be a complete failure or not. But so far, returns on time invested don’t look promising, as A] Wildflower and Brothers are both going to the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page and B] Day Shift needs to run the table against all the pending assessments not named Carmen. And given the glut of potential that has yet to be assessed, the latter of those three movies is a final 78 movie at best, especially now that another potentially entertaining Aubrey Plaza movie has joined the fray. And as to what that movie is, well it’s the movie “An Evening With Beverly Luff Lin”. And as to why that movie will get assessed with the group of other movies pending assessment? Well, I need some redemption with an Aubrey Plaza movie after coming away very disappointed in Black Bear and this movie could be it. And given the potential that it showed via its trailer, it could make Day Shift’s path to the Catch-22 Hundred Project even more daunting.

Alright, well I conceded an entire night (last night) of getting assessments done, so that I could write this entry without it being outdated afterwards. But given that I now have a solid plan in getting all these pending assessments done without any disruption, I can get through the now 12 pending assessments in a very rhythmic kind of way, such as three per day from now through Thursday. So, with that being said, time for me to hit for those averages.

Blog to you all again on Friday.