A ‘Dam Upgrade, Another Upgrade And A Mathematical Error

Ever feel confident about something that you predicted, only to second guess such predictions after the fact? Well, I felt that way two days ago with not one, but two such predictions. And as to what they were, well they were A] The Marvels will be one of the upcoming 2023 movies that will make the Catch-22 Hundred Project and B] Next Gen will be one of the seven movies that will get a foreseeably vacant Catch-22 Hundred spot.

But after realizing that the former (The Marvels) was A] Annoying and repetitive for the hysterical utterance of the phrase “Oh my God” and B] Getting too cutting-edge with the body-swap thing, as well as realizing that the latter (Next Gen) is basically a Big Hero 6 rip-off with an unlikable protagonist, I decided to temper my expectations for both movies to the point that I could realistically see two different movies taking their spots before the January 1, 2024 deadline. But the question is which two movies could scream upgrade over them?

Well, given that Amsterdam had to be removed from that foreseeable group of seven for a Nia Peeples movie, that movie will clearly get back into that group, due to its star-studded cast, which features Taylor Swift and her rising stock. And as for the other movie, well given that it has a vibe that’s similar to both The Roommate and Flatliners ’17, I’m going to go with Tracers. 

Alright, so eight of the 40 that will make the January 1, 2024 deadline will be Mending The Line, Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris, Breaking, The Biscuit Eater, Tower Of Terror, Amsterdam, Tracers and Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom. Or should I say eight of the 42, as a total mathematical error that I made recently left me with 73 totally vacant Catch-22 Hundred spots instead of the 72 that I just now calculated. Plus, given that the final amount of open spots for the Project should be a number that’s divisible by 10, I’ve decided to rename the final 73 category as the final 70, therefore two more overall guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred spots will be filled before the deadline.

Stay tuned.