Zack Morris’ Fever Dream

Back in early February, I saw a blurb in someone’s write-up of the Tori Scott Saved By The Bell episode arc, with that blurb being that that episode arc could have been one long fever dream for Zack Morris. 

Of course, such a blurb never even crossed my mind. But after two major staples (Kelly Kapowski and Jessie Spano) in Zack’s social life not appearing nor being mentioned at all in that entire episode arc, that blurb ended up making perfect sense to me actually, as those particular episodes don’t fit in naturally with the other (76 to be exact) episodes that were shown during the 1989 through 1993 Bayside era of that series. So with that being said, at what point during that series did that one long fever dream occur?

Well, I think between the episodes “Wrestling With The Future” and “The Best Summer Of My Life”, as two things from the former of those two episodes were among nine things that caused a cumulative effect on Zack to the point that he had the one long fever dream which led to him taking a day off from school in the latter of those two episodes. And of course, with all of that being said, I will mention the nine things via bullet points, with the first thing being the beginning of the cumulative effect and the second of the two things from the aforementioned Wrestling With The Future being the last thing of the cumulative effect. Check them out below:

  • Zack putting in all that work at The Malibu Sands beach resort
  • Zack being chased through the Bayside Mall with Kelly, Slater, Lisa and Screech by two guys during their attempt at getting tickets to a U2 concert
  • Zack almost getting back with Kelly during their weekend at that Palm Springs resort
  • Zack trying to prevent Jessie from busting up the wedding of her father and that aerobics instructor
  • Zack getting into a physical fight with Slater over some girl named Joanne
  • Zack starting a relationship with Lisa, the latter of whom is Kelly’s oldest friend in the world
  • Screech trying to fight Zack as a result of that relationship with Lisa
  • Zack applying for colleges
  • Zack almost getting in trouble for impersonating Slater during an interview with a congressman

I think anyone would have one long fever dream if they went through that exact litany of things or something similar to that litany of things. Plus, there are three things that could have been implied in The Best Summer Of My Life, which were 1) Zack’s day off occurred during the first Monday through Friday school week of his senior year, 2) Slater, Lisa and Screech all coming over to Zack’s house and feeling no respective animosity/awkwardness towards him about bullet points five through seven and 3) Jessie being at cheerleading practice with Kelly, as the former two of the girls officially became a cheerleader in Wrestling With The Future. 

So yeah, between Wrestling With The Future and The Best Summer Of My Life was/is where I think that that one long fever dream of the 10 Tori Scott episodes occurred. But that’s just me and if you feel differently than I do about that, then leave your opinion in the comment section below or leave your opinion externally here.

Thank you for checking out the first of what will be four overall Saved By The Bell blog entries. Tune in sometime next year to the second entry.

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