Yes, I’m Telling Astro Boy That There Is A Chance!

Of the 12 movies that I purged from The Flickuum Project during the span of this past February 17 through Leap Day 2024, nearly half of them (Cats ’19, The Wrester, The Substitute, The Principal, Exodus: Gods And Kings) were sent to either the One Hun-Dread page or the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page, while another one (Batman & Robin) has the fifth best odds of going to the former of those two pages via the Wonka In Reverse page. Yes, 50% of those 12 movies either have had or will have their Mega Movie Package fates decided. And of course, that’s not quite all because in addition, 50% will become 83% via “The Poker Club”, “Sharon 1.2.3.”, “Wyatt Earp” and “And Soon The Darkness” awaiting eventual addition to the second of those three pages.

Yes, that narrows those 12 purged movies down to two, as all that remains are “The Campaign” and “Astro Boy”, the latter of which had its third re-assessment completed exactly a week ago. And as to what the fate of that movie is post-third re-assessment, well given A] It has a little bit more of a complete ending than “MFKZ”, B] It has the potential to outrank “Bunyan And Babe” and C] It has a character named Trash Can The Dog, it’s going to be held in reserve as the first pre-2023 movie that will compete on The 99ers page. And as to why I say held in reserve, well The 99ers page needs to be fleshed out with more 2023 (and beyond) movies, as all it has is either fringe Flickuum movies or filler. Plus, given that “Astro Boy” was given a shaky vote of confidence, its reserved status can be rescinded at any time, despite what it has in its favor.

Tune in next week to find out if “The Campaign” gets a shaky vote of confidence or not.