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On August 14, 2019, Steve blogged about the birth of the idea for his 122nd tattoo.

Check it out and enjoy!

“Tattenstein: Part 1”

                                             As far as seeing the movie Crank for the very first time in March 2007, I’ve been a fan of Jason Statham for playing tough-minded dudes with a wry sense of humor, something I feel that I can relate to. And for nearly two years, Crank was my favorite Jason Statham movie.

However, that all changed in December 2008, as I heeded the advice to watch the movie Death Race, a movie that blew Crank out of the water as my then-new favorite Jason Statham movie. And even after all these years later, Death Race remains my favorite Jason Statham movie.

Granted, the tough-minded and wise-cracking Jason Statham characters are simply characters. But it those characters, particularly his Death Race character, that helped me get through most of my years at that now former day job, by being inspired by the tough-minded and wise-cracking persona. So with that being said, I decided to get tattoo of the Frankenstein helmet that Jason Statham wore in Death Race to pay homage to his movies helping me get through most of that nine-year stretch, along showing my fanhood of the movie Death Race.

Tune in tomorrow to find out which artist that I chose to tattoo it on me.