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On February 13, 2019, Steve blogged about the birth of the idea for his 78th tattoo.

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“Nowhere To Go But ‘Up’: Part 2”

                                 For those of you who have seen both the Batting A Thousand page and the Evaluation Pool Rankings board know that I’m a big fan of Pixar, as I have all but two of those movies in my collection at the moment. And of all the Pixar movies that I’ve evaluated thus far, Monsters, Inc. and Up are my two favorites, as they are the only two Pixar movies in my top 100 thus far. And with that being said, I decided to get tattoos representing both those movies.

However, I was initally having an idea block in choosing something that I wanted to get as a representation of one of those two movies. Or so I had thought, as St. Patrick’s Day was coming up. So with that being said, I found the perfect thing to get to represent my fanhood of the movie Up, which was a green balloon. Plus, I also chose that piece to represent my mentality of having nowhere to go but up when it came to my goal of wanting to leave my day job.

After coming to the decision of a green balloon from the aforementioned Up, I went onto Google images to print the reference point of it. I then made a return trip to Obsession to set up an appointment with Mikey to do the piece, to which he accepted. And not only did he accept the assignment, he was also totally on board with tattooing it on St. Patrick’s Day.

Tune in tomorrow for the session of it.