Wonka In Reverse

Back in late-June 2022, I thought that my version of the 100 worst ever movies was completed after my re-assessment of that obnoxious piece of garbage, known as Angel In The House.

But after realizing that I might have been too harsh on the movies “Kung Phooey!” and “Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins”, I decided to temporarily pardon them from the One Hun-Dread page, so I can see if there are two other movies that are far more worse. And of course, with that being said, I eventually decided that I will assess/re-assess certain movies, in an attempt to find two that could potentially be far more deserving than both the 2003 kung fu comedy and the first of Martin Lawrence’s two 2008 movies.

Of course, the temporary pardon of Kung Phooey! doesn’t mean that it will get into the Catch-22 Hundred Project, because I still find that movie very painful to watch. However, something way worse could come along, thus the re-launch (and revised purpose) of this page. And as for Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins, well that one could be in a much more favorable spot, as it has moved to Tier 9 of the Land Of Infusion page.

Yeah, two movies that are/will be on this page could/will be the Charlie Bucket and Mike Teavee of it. And unlike the two Chocolate Factory movies, that’s a bad thing.

Currently, we are doing a standings style format with a yet to be determined amount of movies, where the movies that are ranked number one and number two have the “best” chance to be on the One Hun-Dread page.

So far, three movies are on this page and you can see them via the bold text below.

Thank you and hopefully you still have your sense of humor after reading all of this!

  1. Puff, Puff, Pass (2006)
  2. Hey Good Lookin’ (1982)
  3. Kung Phooey! (2003)