Winter Wonder Vehicle

The best type of car for driving during the wintertime is one with 4-wheel drive, no question about it. A front-wheel drive will get you moving quicker in the snow than a rear-wheel drive, However, it will lose traction on braking and ice. A rear-wheel drive will start out slower and may even spin a wheel on start. However, it will maintain better control in slippery conditions. And speaking of better control, it can handle sliding and make stopping even smoother.

The SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) is the best car for winter driving. It’s engine power and off-road capability are the real deal, making sure that it is made for this type of weather and condition. If you are driving in the winter, a Range Rover Sport is probably the best option for you. The off-road capability by this SUV is extremely fit for winter condition. If you feel you are not suited to have the Range Rover Sport, you can try driving the Range Rover Evoque. All Range Rovers have outstanding off road capability, meaning that you will have no need to worry about how you ride, as you pass through the snow on the road. The Range Rover will absolutely fulfill your need of getting through the winter. And while you are passing through, you will have luxurious designs and high-end technologies installed in the car. As we all know, Range Rover is sometimes becoming harder to afford. And with that being said, the company’s outstanding off-road capability, high-end technologies, and luxurious design interior do come at high price.

Despite it being arguably the best, Range Rover is not the only SUV able to use for passing through winter. Suzuki S4X S-Cross SUV is also capable of passing through the winter and unlike Range Rover, it has a way more reasonable price. If you are not used to Suzuki, you can drive the Skoda Yeti as an alternative. You can’t go wrong with either brand. Both of them have excellent off-road capability, economic engine and reasonable prices. I’d have to say that SUVs are the best cars for winter driving.