Why I Decided To Get A Shrunken Head Tattoo, Part 4

Previously in Tats What’s Up!, I mentioned becoming hooked on Goosebumps books to the point that I read various ones in that series, in addition to Let’s Get Invisible!, for about two years. And as to what some of those other various ones were, well you can see the list via the bullet points below:

  • Welcome To Dead House
  • Stay Out Of The Basement
  • The Curse Of The Mummy’s Tomb
  • Night Of The Living Dummy
  • One Day At HorrorLand
  • Deep Trouble
  • The Scarecrow Walks At Midnight
  • Return Of The Mummy
  • Phantom Of The Auditorium
  • A Night In Terror Tower
  • How I Got My Shrunken Head

Of course, the last of those bullet point titles is the one that inspired the title of this particular subseries. But more on that in the next entry because in addition to the books, Fox kids had the Goosebumps series air from October 27, 1995 through November 16, 1998, with each episode of that first season (1995-96) airing on Fridays in place of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers in the 4:30 P.M Eastern time slot. And although I didn’t see many episodes of that series let alone that season, I did like what I saw. Especially the Phantom Of The Auditorium episode, as watching that episode made me feel as if I was re-living the experience of reading that book. 

Sure, it’s been more than 20 years since I’ve seen an episode of that series. But to me, it’s in the same treasured nostalgic breath as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Saved By The Bell, the latter of which almost became an afterthought to me before this past December 1 happened. And while this is a Goosebumps entry, the point is that re-watching another (Saved By The Bell) treasured nostalgic series from childhood has inspired me to watch other series for eventual review purposes, with that 1995 through 1998 Goosebumps series being among them.

To be continued.