When The Tiffani-Amber Thiessen Paved Road Is Closed

For a little over 14 months, getting specific digital-only movies via hard copy has worked out great for me, as I’ve amassed 20 particular movies from my two selling connections. And if anyone wants to know what those 20 particular movies are, well read parts 1 through 7 of Tiffani-Amber Detour to find out.

Of course, the original number was 21, with one of them (Next Gen) being alluded to in part 6 of the Tiffani-Amber Detour subseries. And with that being said, Next Gen became the first (and most likely only) requested hard copy movie to get purged from Two ThouCentennial consideration, as it eventually landed on the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page nearly five months after it became successfully obtained via hard copy. 

Of course, the question now is, “What led to Next Gen being phased out of the Two ThouCentennial Project?”. Well, that’s a four-part answer, with the first part of it being that it’s basically a twin of Ron’s Gone Wrong, although significantly better than that disappointing 2021 movie. But despite 393 movies separating them on the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page, neither movie has a clear-cut advantage over the other in being a part of the Project. Now onto parts two and three via the next paragraph, as both answers are so short (and similar) that I’ve decided to consolidate them into one.

Alright, so I wanted to see this movie because Anna Akana lent her voice to it, only for her role to pretty much be non-existent. And of course, that’s not my only complaint about the roles of the voice actors/actresses in this movie because in addition, Charlyne Yi as Mai (the lead character) was/is a little too unbearable for my liking. So yeah, reasons two and three are basically the same, thus why they have both been consolidated into this paragraph. Now onto the fourth and final reason via the next paragraph.

Alright, so when something as highly anticipated as Saved By The Bell: Wedding In Las Vegas gets assessed/viewed, chances are that other movies vying for the Project will fail, as the Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski wedding (fully assessed on October 7, 2022) is a tough act to follow. And although the assessment of Next Gen was both conducted and completed 15 days after Bayside’s grand finale, that amount of time was still too short for an unproven movie to show why it was worthy. Sure, it wasn’t the first movie to be a letdown after that grand finale. But like the 17 (The Net, Godzilla ’98, Easy Six, L’annualaire, Last Seen Alive, Sun Choke, Tell Me How I Die, Things Are Tough All Over, Who’s Watching Oliver, Halloween Pussy Trap Kill! Kill!, The Den, The Rocker, Jurassic City, Dear God, Jailbait, All About The Afterglow, The Big Ask) that were assessed/re-assessed before it, it didn’t really do anything to successfully follow in those giant footsteps. And ultimately, that cumulative slump proved to be way too much for Next Gen to eventually overcome.Well, those are the four reasons why Next Gen was ultimately purged from Two ThouCentennial consideration after being hard copy requested. And given how stringent that filling out the remaining Two ThouCentennial spots will be, this movie will be the only such one to suffer such a fate.