When Slight Overage Leads To An Adjustment, Part 2

Back in part 1 of When Slight Overage Leads To An Adjustment, I mentioned my hybrid plan of selecting both back-ups for potentially delayed upcoming 2023 movies and pre-2023 movies for the three additional spots that were exempt from the then-Eastern Blue Bird 53 page, with the former pertaining to not being completely out of the woods with The Frandemic and the latter pertaining to possibly adding more pre-2023 movies to my current roster of assessments/re-assessments. And of course, with all of that being said, the latter of the two categories should be covered by some combination of Mending The Line, Mrs. Harris Goes To Harris, Breaking, River Runs Red, Tracers, The Biscuit Eater and/or Aftershock.

Alright, so now that I got the simple part out of the way, it’s time to mention the much more challenging part of finding 12 back-ups for the potentially delayed upcoming 2023 movies. However, I found the 12 back-ups and not only were they found because in addition, I found them in the form of 12 fairly new/just released 2023 movies to potentially have as substitutes, should the need(s) arise. And as usual, you can find out the names of the potential back-ups via the chart below:

MovieWhy it’s a potential back-upWill it make the Catch-22 Hundred Project?
BottomsMarshawn Lynch is an actor in this movie, so that alone is worth an assessment.If Lynch can save this movie like he saved the Seattle Seahawks, then yes.
From BlackAnna Camp gets another chance at having a new movie of hers assessed.Given that it’s likely to be outranked by 5000 Blankets, the answer is no.
Past LivesGiven the success of Crazy Rich Asians, Joy Ride and Always Be My Maybe, this movie could ride that wave of momentum.This movie doesn’t have a dynamic presence like Constance Wu, Ashley Park or Ali Wong, but the powerful storyline could offset that.
The BoogeymanIt has vibes that are similar to Happy Death Day, Happy Death Day 2 U, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark and Countdown.Given that three of those four aforementioned movies are going to be enshrined Catch-22 Hundred movies, this movie could ride that wave of momentum into the Project.
JulesIt has a vibe that is similar to Paul, where an alien is a main character. Plus, it has the cute and quirky vibe that is similar to Asteroid City.The presence of Sir Ben Kingsley ensures that this movie will be way better than both Paul and Asteroid City, thus it will make the Project.
King Of KillersThe presence of Marie Avgeropoulos turns this movie from afterthought into a movie that is on stand-by.If Tracers (another Marie Avgeropoulos movie where she has a substantial role) fails its assessment, then this movie could fill that particular void.
ChampionsThis movie has the vibe of being somewhat like the basketball version of The Ringer.If this movie can be near anything as good as The Ringer, then it will make the Project.
Knock At The CabinAn R-Rated M. Night Shyamalan movie has never been assessed for the Project. This movie changes that.The last two M. Night Shyamalan movies (The Village, The Lady In The Water) that were  assessed failed to make the Project, and this movie could fall under that category.
The Pope’s Exorcist This movie gives Russell Crowe the rare opportunity of being the sole lead again.A seasoned veteran in Crowe could make this movie a surprise in making the Project.
Sound Of FreedomBefore the three-headed July monster of Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, Barbie and Oppenheimer, this movie was the most talked about July 2023 release.The powerful storyline could punch a ticket for this movie into the Project.
Heart Of StoneAnytime that Gal Gadot has something new come out, it’s always worth checking out.Netflix action movies have been misses more than hits, as The Gray Man and 6 Underground both failed their assessments.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant MayhemIce Cube is in it, so that alone is worth an assessment.This movie doesn’t have Shredder, which will extend the failure of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies making the Project, unless a sequel for this one is made.

Well, there you have it. 12 new or fairly new 2023 movies that I was able to amass as movies to put on stand-by if the 12 upcoming movies that I want to see theatrically all get delayed into the next calendar year. But should the need for those 12 movies not present itself at all, then they will be optioned as movies that will get final 73 consideration.

Tune in on Friday to see if A Haunting In Venice makes the immediate need for one of these movies obsolete or not.