When Six Became One

Prior to May 24, 2017, the Art Infliction was a large yet stressful operation that consisted of six websites.

But thanks to the wise suggestion of Art Infliction member Marcia Carreiro, the business took a break to simplify the format, with six websites being consolidated into one and the logo changing from the now-retired iguana with flames to the adorable Norwich Terrier that you see on each page.

However, the now-retired iguana with flames and the other four logos of now-discontinued websites should not be forgotten, as each of those logos and websites in addition to the iguana with flames have all played a major role in the short history of Art Infliction.

And now on this page, you can see each of the now-retired logos here in the gallery below as a homage to them getting us to where we are today.

**Note: Despite the fact that the logos in the gallery are now retired, we can still put any of them on any item in our clothing line upon special request.