The Purpose

From 2005 to 2011, I never had something that inspired me to break away from the monotony known as my day job.

But in 2012, that all changed when I rekindled my passion for art, by painting rocks and drawing on paper.

Ultimately, both of those realms would lead to what I’m now known for and that is having tattoos, which I mention on When It Began.

Getting tattooed would then lead to me doing even more art, as well as make me want to become something that a best friend of mine said I should be, which is a tattoo artist.

Art and tattooing have opened doors for me that an underwhelming day job and possessive former friend could not.

Those doors have led to me talk about art, tattooing, and life from my perspective. They have also opened the doors for other people to showcase their work and tell their stories as well. I call them my teammates and I’m very proud to say that, too.

Together with my teammates, we plan to bring you something that can hopefully inspire you, whether it’s from rekindling a passion or starting a new one that can get you in the right direction as a professional.

It took me seven years to rekindle my passion for art again. And to those of you reading this, I hope that it takes way less time for you than it did for me. And I say that genuinely.

And no matter what, you can achieve when you believe.