When Depth Is Diminished, It’s Time To Replenish!: Part 3

Well, it took me hardly any time to find additional (and viable) movie assessment options, as A] Someone that I’m totally cool with mentioned the Jennifer Lopez movie “Angel Eyes” to me, thus a seed being planted in my head and B] Surfing around on the Tubi app brought forth the movie “Still Breathing”, which has Joanna Going in a role that’s more substantial, compared to her Alice Abbott role in “Inventing The Abbotts”. Yes, I was able to come up with two viable options for Tier 12 on very quick notice. Now it’s time to predict how they will both do in their assessments via the chart below:

MovieHow it will do in its assessment
Angel EyesThe mere fact that Sonia Braga played the mother of Delilah Cotto (another Puerto Rican actress that has charisma equal to J.Lo) one year later (2002) in Empire makes this movie deserving of Catch-22 Hundred lore.
Still BreathingIt’s rare that Going is the female lead in a movie, something that has happened way more frequently for her two Inventing The Abbotts cast mates in Liv Tyler and Jennifer Connolly. But given that she was on par with them as an actress in that movie, this rare opportunity for her will be the reason that this movie will punch its overall guaranteed ticket before January 1, 2024.

Yes, filling out what remains of the foreseeably open Catch-22 Hundred spots is still a challenge, but I’m confident that Still Breathing, Angel Eyes, Dirty 30, Carmen and Slumberland will all be the ones that will round out Tier 12 between now and this coming October 6. Especially when hard copy status will be resolved for the latter of those five movies, as well as the fact that the assessment of The Creator will be done before that date. And given that I want five of those assessments done before tomorrow night, it’s time that I hit the ground running yet again. 

The selection process continues.