When Depth Is Diminished, It’s Time To Replenish! Part 1

Six days ago in Dial “B” For Brutal, as well as both parts of Dial “R” For Recon, I blogged about an ever-changing selection process, in which I had 14 viable movies to assess for what eventually became 11 foreseeably open Catch-22 Hundred spots. However, the amount of those foreseeably open spots is really 10, as expectations have increased for the Melissa Barrera-led movie “Carmen”, a movie that I will assess sometime after this entry is published.

Anyways, ever since this past Monday afternoon, those 14 viable movies dwindled down to six, as eight of them have been assessed up to this point. However, none of those eight really demonstrated their Project worth, as none of them were hard copy requested nor outranked The Art Of Self-Defense in Tier 12. And of course, that isn’t all because in addition, 10 is becoming 12 again, as A] Gran Turismo is now expected to fail its assessment and B] The stock of The Creator continues to plummet. Furthermore, there’s also the unlikely possibility that Mending The Line could fail its assessment, thus there could be 13 foreseeably open spots between now and January 1. But again, that’s unlikely, as Mending The Line is expected to pass its assessment.

Yes, the depth of assessment options is becoming bereft, as not even a perfect six-for-six with those remaining assessments will fill the 12 (possibly 13) foreseeably open Catch-22 Hundred spots. So, with that being said, seven more movies (one of which was assessed and is about to be obtained via hard copy) have all been brought in to help with the depth of options and possibly provide fallback options if any other new/fairly 2023 movie fails its assessment. And of course, as usual, the movies are listed via the chart below:

MovieWhy it’s an option
North HollywoodIt’s the already assessed movie and is better than every Tier 12 movie, except for Emily The Criminal and White Men Can’t Jump ’23.
InstinctAnthony Hopkins as a protective anthropologist is the selling point for this movie.
Bridge Of SpiesThe tandem of Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance make this movie a slam-dunk to make the Project.
BrothersThis movie is strong at the top with Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman and Tobey Maguire, along with featuring the versatile Clifton Collins Jr.
Jamesy BoyThere is no such thing as too much Rosa Salazar in the Project.
MidsommarThe rising of Florence Pugh’s stock continues.
DonnybrookThere is no such thing as too much Margaret Qualley in the Project.

Well, that chart is already a slight improvement over what was assessed from Monday through yesterday, thanks to North Hollywood re-emerging as a viable movie. And given that there likely won’t be an 0-for-12 with 12 of the 13 movies that are listed in Tiers 9 and 11, it’s safe to assume that there will be at least some progress in getting movies to join both Emily The Criminal and White Men Can’t Jump ’23 in the Project.

The selection process continues.