WebStarts Was Getting On My Nerves…Again!: Part 3

Well everyone, we have the remnants of why me utilizing WebStarts was the worst professional experience of my career up to this point and we have those remnants via this entry. Let’s begin.

Alright, so from the span of January 17, 2022 through February  7, 2022, I updated the WebStarts-built website, Guestbook II, by first (and primarily) having a new entry to post on the original content page, which was entitled ,“Original Here”. And that wasn’t the only thing that I did as far as updating that website because in addition to that, I did the following:

  • I utilized the blog format on the Original Here page, with that format making that page look totally different, in comparison to the other pages of that website
  • I uploaded the word document files of the three entries that I posted on 01/17/22, 01/24/22 and 01/31/22, respectively, so that I could A) Convert them into non-menu pages that I eventually archived on the website and B) Archive them via hyperlinks on a page called Blogchives
  • I wrote site news updates for a page called GB2 News (Guestbook II news) via that website on a weekly basis during the respective dates of 01/17/22, 01/24/22, 01/31/22 and 02/07/22, with all but the 02/07/22 GB2 News Report being converted into non-menu pages that were A) Also eventually archived on the website and B) Archived on a page called GB2 News Archives.

Of course, I did all of that on those said dates, with each said date falling on a Monday. And not only did I do all of that on those said dates (well three of the four to put it more accurately) because in addition, I did all (well most) of that in tandem with Art Infliction updates, only for those dual update days to drag on into the night each time. And given that, plus the tedium of trying to find a CPM banner ad company (AdSense included) to (almost immediately) approve their ads being shown on the Guestbook II website, I decided to terminate the aforementioned Guestbook II website on February 8, 2022.

So yeah, this most recent WebStarts utilization experience was both a worthless and all-too time-consuming effort. Plus, their menu structure is nowhere as expansive as WordPress’ is, along with the fact that their feature of embedding code (particularly ad code) is weak, compared to the aforementioned WordPress. And that goes for both having a website that’s specifically geared towards to (externally) having a second guestbook, as well as using WebStarts in general.

Tune in next week to my segue entry of how I changed the second guestbook format.