‘Weaseling’ My Way Out Of Both Being Lectured And Disrupted, Part 5

So after being sent down to the home improvement section of that Walmart (the one that I had entered on the day that I saw “The Menu”), I resumed my search of a flexible fabric drain snake, only to be thrown off by how everything was placed. And with that being said, I approached a young female Walmart employee to see if she could help me or else I would have to go elsewhere to find what I was looking for.

But to my total luck, she was able to find me something called the Drain Weasel, a tool that works like a fishing rod and has a flexible fabric drain snake attached to it. She then followed this up by telling me that it was a top of the line product, thus I decided to purchase it to see if it lived up to her words or not.

Tune in next Monday to my verdict of the Drain Weasel.