‘Weaseling’ My Way Out Of Both Being Lectured And Disrupted, Part 2

So after washing all that hair down the drain on the final Wednesday of this most recent May, I noticed that sink (the same one that had the scratches on it) draining very slowly from that day into a good bulk of this most recent June. And of course, I naively thought that the (draining) problem would go away on its own. 

But it obviously didn’t, so I did a Google search on the Monday after this most recent Fathers Day, with that search being how to unclog bathroom sink pipes without ruining them at all and found a surefire way to fix yet another problem that I had created. And as to what that way was, well it was me going to either a Walmart, Target, Home Depot or Lowe’s to pick up a flexible fabric drain snake, as something like that was perfect for the drain that I was about to unclog. And given that I was going to be out of the office two days after conducting that Google search, I decided to tie my trip to one of those places into my theatrical assessment of the movie “The Blackening”. 

Tune in next Monday to find out what came of that trip.