Wave Of Emotions

Can’t ever seem to close my eyes without the dark catching up to me. 

Hands with talon fingers digging and scratching the surface trying to escape the deepest crevices of my mind. 

Nightmares still plague my sleep. 

But you always told me I won’t ever be alone. 

Sometimes I think everyone around me is just waiting for the best time to walk away. Maybe people were just meant to be temporary. 

Or is it just me? 

Hiding in bright lights, loud music, rough winds, salty seas, and sickly-sweet kisses. 

A temporary high can’t seem to let me hide away from all the scars, tears, and soundless screams. 

When I let them in, the low hits and I’m drowned back into sorrow. 

I love for a higher power to save me, before sometimes I wonder why he hasn’t given up. 

I would have sunken that ship a long time ago. 

An end has come and the new beginning has begun. 

A bird swims near the water’s surface only to flap its wings against a rising tide and soar even higher.