Unofficially Reserved

As of August 14, 2023, 33 movies have all been unofficially reserved for what remains of Catch-22 Hundred spots 2,048 through 2,122. And not only have they all been unofficially reserved because in addition, they have all been assigned a letter, with “A” denoting already assessed/re-assessed movies basically having their spots reserved, “B” denoting upcoming movies that are expected to pass their assessments, “C” denoting movies that are awaiting hard copy confirmation and “D” denoting movies that have yet to be assessed but with no immediate accessibility.

To find out which 33 movies have all been unofficially reserved, simply view the bold text and numbered list below:

  1. A-Oppenheimer
  2. A-The Frighteners
  3. A-La Bamba
  4. A-Benji
  5. A-The Secret Of NIMH
  6. A-Tron Legacy
  7. A-The Wolf And The Lion
  8. A-Class Act
  9. A-Hustlers
  10. A-Penguins Of Madagascar
  11. A-Horizon Line
  12. A-Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  13. A-The Finest Hours
  14. A-Dreamland ’06
  15. A-Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man
  16. B-Blue Beetle
  17. B-Strays
  18. B-Gran Turismo
  19. B-The Equalizer 3
  20. B-A Haunting In Venice
  21. B-Dumb Money
  22. B-The Creator
  23. B-Five Nights At Freddy’s
  24. B-The Marvels
  25. B-Trolls Band Together
  26. B-Napoleon
  27. B-Wish
  28. B-Poor Things
  29. B-Wonka
  30. B-Migration
  31. C-Somewhere In Queens
  32. C-Always Be My Maybe
  33. D-Mending The Line