Two Pardoned Movies And A Sequel

Blogging about scouting (or re-scouting) movies for the Catch-22 Hundred Project never seems to end, as just when I think that I’ll have enough movies for what remains of spots 2.048 through 2,122, more movies have subsequently come out of the woodwork to create a possible overage of movies to choose from. And of course, with all of that being said, two movies that were pardoned from the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page three days ago, along with a sequel to one of those movies, join the already crowded group of movies that are all battling it out for those remaining spots. And of course, since there are more than two movies to cite in this entry, I’ll use the chart format once again. Okay, let’s continue:

MovieWhy it’s getting assessed/re-assessed
Atlantis: The Lost EmpireThere’s a soft spot for this movie, thanks to Milo’s pet cat. Plus, a Disney cartoon movie about an underwater expedition just seems fun to re-assess a second time.
The Finest HoursThis movie has the potential to outrank The Guardian. Plus, it can be a good movie to evaluate between viewings of the Saved By The Bell episodes “Save That Tiger” and “Close Encounters Of The Nerd Kind”.
Atlantis: Milo’s ReturnThis movie is the sequel to the aforementioned Atlantis: The Lost Empire and could help give a finished feel to its predecessor.

Well, there you have it. The three movies that have made this ongoing selection process a little more challenging. But given that I have no more of these types of entries to write anytime soon, I can finally keep up my momentum in clearing my assess/re-assess list between now and this coming Tuesday.

The selection process continues.