Two More Movies ‘C’ Their Way Into The Slow-Moving Selection Process

Determining movies for the Catch-22 Hundred Project continues to be an ongoing process. Especially when there is still a lot of uncertainty of what remains in Tier 7, such as A] Whether to give Sara Malakul Lane a true credited movie of hers in the Project or not, and B] Whether to cut the Aubrey Plaza movie “Emily The Criminal” from the Project or not. 

However, two of the countless uncertainties became two more certainties, as upon thorough investigation of all the uncertainty, I discovered two more movies worthy of throwing their hats into the 2,081 (Wayne’s World 2 is now on the Walrus 23 page) through 2,122 ring. And as to what those two movies were/are, well they were/are Class Act and Changeling, hence the name of this blog entry. Okay, let’s continue.

Of course, every movie that finds itself in the slow-moving Catch-22 Hundred selection process has a reason why it deserves to be a part of the Project. And of course, with that being said, Class Act and Changeling each have a reason why they deserve to be a part of the Project. But given that both of them aren’t a part of a much larger group in need a of a chart breakdown, I’ll instead cite reasons for each movie via the next paragraph.

Okay, let’s begin with Class Act. For starters, a Kid ‘N Play collaboration needs to be a part of the Project, especially since that their three House Party movies didn’t make the cut. Two, Play has a lot of swag in this movie and that swag is way too cool to not be in the Project. And three, this movie was the second one (Major Payne was the first one) that I saw Karyn Parsons be fantastic in abandoning the ditzy airhead Hilary Banks schtick, thus making that an added bonus in this movie joining the already stacked group that is headlined by The Blackening. Now onto Changeling via the next paragraph.

Okay, so what saves Changeling from being permanently disqualified is a series of things, with the first being that it has the vibe of being so powerful that it’s impossible to permanently disqualify from the Project. Secondly, movies about a person’s frantic search for a loved one in that slow burn kind of way are surprisingly effective, as Winter’s Bone and Pig proved that. So given point number two, this movie is in the same class as those two. Three, it’s got the gritty edge that The Girl On The Train (currently the ninth-ranked Catch-22 Hundred movie) has, so you know a movie has done right if I’m heaping that type of praise on it. Four, it’s refreshing to see John Malkovich in a non-villain role via this movie. And five, the recent resurgence of Richard Jewell (another Clint Eastwood-directed movie where he isn’t in it at all as an actor) helped plant a seed in my mind about giving this movie a chance.

Well, there you have it. Two more movies that are in a crazy pecking order that will only get crazier, as five more will join the assess/re-assess list, in an effort to completely round all 2,122 overall guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred spots.

Tune in on Monday to find out what those five movies will be.