Two More Changes On The ‘Table(s)’

After finishing my re-assessment of About Alex during the wee hours of this past Sunday (January 12), I started to find ways in which I could watch the rest of my 100-movie assessment marathon, with most of them being available via iTunes.

However, two of them aren’t available to see at all unless I buy the DVDs of them on eBay. And as to what those two movies are, well they are Half Nelson and Bushwhacked. And given how I want to take a bit of a break from buying movies for assessment purposes, I once again did a swap out, by moving those two movies to the upcoming Karl-Nine Marathon and putting two different movies in their slots. And as to what those two different movies are, well you can view via the table below:

MovieWhy it’s being assessed
CBGBIt’s been a while since an Ashley Greene movie has been assessed and like most actresses, there is no such thing as too much Ashley Greene.
The Cider House RulesIf Pleasantville (a Tobey Maguire movie) can get an assessment, then this one (another Tobey Maguire movie) deserves an assessment as well.

Well that’s it for this latest edition of “assessment schedule musical chairs”.

Tune in 10 days from now to see which two other movies will get added to the aforementioned Karl-Nine marathon. So until then, so long everybody!