Two In A (Pha)roah!: Part 5

 So after texting Christine about her tattooing the Pharoah Hound piece on me, I got replies to all three points. And as to what they were, well A) She wasn’t booked at all, therefore I got to choose which day that I wanted to get the piece, so I chose the third Saturday of October 2016, as that day marked exactly 16 years that Suzie was brought home for the very first time. Next was the answer to Point B, which was that she accepted the assignment. And lastly, there was the answer to Point C, which was that she had no problem tattooing the piece in the sectioned off area of my right pectoral. Oh yes, it’s also worth mentioning that I texted her the reference point.

Or should I say him, as I was granted a Q&A session for My Intro To Art by the person that I was texting, with all of the answers coming to me via e-mail. And as to what was the name of the person that sent me the answers for the since published Q&A session, well click here to find out because I’m not divulging both the first and last name of him via this entry. However, I will say that I was pleasantly surprised about texting with him and not Christine the whole time, as little brother Evan hyped him up to me five days after the 2013 Live Free Or Die Tattoo Convention. And given how highly that little brother Evan spoke of him, I didn’t request to change artists at all because being tattooed by an artist such as him is a rare opportunity, so I took it without hesitation. 

Of course, getting to and from Connecticut was the next bridge that I had to cross, as I needed transportation to get to a state that A) I wasn’t really familiar with and B) Was too far from where I had lived [New Hampshire] at that time to be a state that I would day trip to, so I needed a place to stay for at least a night in the Constitution State. Enter my host who I visited in the Green Mountain State five times prior to this, as both her precision planning of booking up a hotel and the fact that she’s a perfect travel buddy were my two figurative tickets to the 2016 Tommy’s Tattoo Convention. Make it visit number six, as she was totally down to come along with me to the event.

Tune into the fourth entry of today to the session of the piece, as I first want to blog about the journey before the destination.