Twelve Movies To Fill Eight Spots

Filling certain voids of overall guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred spots hasn’t always been easy, as the pursuit of a badass Chuck Norris action movie remains unfulfilled via the disappointing outcomes of both “The Delta Force” and “The Hitman”. And that’s not all because in addition, the Lorenza Izzo “The Green Inferno” was ruined by the incompleteness of a mid-credits scene, the movie “Murder Of A Cat” was an incoherent mess, the unknown fate of Shadow (along with an ambiguous post-credits scene) squandered the Catch-22 Hundred chances for the movie “Ploey”, The Book Thief was slightly better than The Boy In The Striped Pajamas and Tracers could very well rank lower than Premium Rush on the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page.

Yes, movies that were expected to outrank The Man With The Iron Fists 2 in Tier 12 really fell short of expectations. But those particular voids can/will be filled rather quickly, as the Ben Affleck-directed movie “Air” had its stock rise significantly three days ago, thus that one will have its overall guaranteed ticket punched no matter what. And of course, with that being said, the question now is, “What other courses of action will/could be taken between now and this coming Saturday night?”.

Well, for one, I can take another crack at assessing a badass Chuck Norris action movie, as I rented Missing In Action via Apple almost immediately after I completed my assessment of The Hitman this past weekend. Second, I plan to stockpile the fallback options of The American Mall (Nina Dobrev movie), Starsky & Hutch, the Amanda Peet movie “Whipped”, another Amanda Peet movie in “Igby Goes Down”, the Fred Williamson movie “Black Caesar”, Jarhead and the Billy Dee Williams movie “Scott Joplin”, in hopes that one of them can take the spot of Ploey, especially since it’s the fourth failed attempt of getting a John Stamos movie into the Project. Third, one of those other seven movies can be on immediate stand-by, in the event that the Lorenza Izzo movie “Aftershock” fails just like her other movie “The Green Inferno” did. Fourth, one of those other seven movies can be on immediate stand-by, in the event that North Shore fails its assessment, as that movie is now the one that will fill the Nia Peeples void in the Project. Fifth, one of those other seven movies can be on immediate stand-by, in the event that the Marie Avgeropoulos movie “A Remarkable Life” fails its assessment. Sixth, one of those other seven movies could be the one that fills the vacated spot of The Creator, in the event that The Creator fails its assessment. And finally, the last (Scott Joplin) of those other seven movies can be a fallback option if The Biscuit Eater fails its assessment, as both of those movies are movies that feature(d) the late Godfrey Cambridge.

So yes, I’ve given myself enough room for error with what remains on my current roster of movies up for assessment/re-assessment. And unlike the amount of constant futility that has come since the re-assessment of “Nobody”, the maximum required amount of figurative punches thrown will connect.

Tune into the 10-05-23 through 10-08-23 Nog Reports to find out the results of each accessible assessment/re-assessment.