Tiffani-Amber Transcendent

In terms of both name recognition and post-sitcom body of work, Jennifer Aniston is arguably the most well-known actress to have started out on a sitcom, as evidenced by her role as Rachel Green on the show Friends, which ran from 1994 to 2004. But if you asked me which such actress is the most transcendent, well then my answer would be Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and not because she was my childhood celebrity crush, although that fact has subsequently presented reminders of her via six other female celebrities, one way or another. And of course, with the second sentence being said, let’s take a look at which six female celebrities remind me of her and how via the chart below:

Female celebrityHow she reminds me of Tiffani-Amber Thiessen
Minka KellyShe’s a brunette, albeit with brown eyes (Thiessen’s are blue) with the name “Kelly”, albeit her last name, in real life. It’s also possible that Thiessen’s iconic Kelly Kapowski character being a Bayside cheerleader inspired Minka Kelly to go for the role of Lyla Garrity in the TV version of Friday Night Lights. Plus, her last name being Kelly, and her body type being the same in all of her movies conjured up reminders of both Thiessen’s aforementioned portrayal of Kelly Kapowksi during the Bayside era, and her role as Traci in the movie “Son In Law”.
Amy Jo JohnsonDespite the fact that Thiessen is four years younger, it’s likely that the creators of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers wanted Johnson for the role of Kimberly Hart, due partly to her dumbfounded look resembling the dumbfounded look that Thiessen made during the Bayside era.
Julie GonzaloHer body type is similar to Thiessen’s post-Bayside and that doe-eyed look that she has in the movie “Vamp U” bears a striking resemblance to the doe-eyed look that Thiessen makes.
Adrianne PalickiHer bone structure is similar to Thiessen’s, her smirk is similar to Thiessen’s and she is like Gonzalo, from the standpoint of both the post-Bayside body type and doe-eyed look.
Maria Menounos Her voice inflections at times are similar to Thiessen’s.
Chante AdamsHer fiery personality in “A Journal For Jordan” is similar to Thiessen being sassy in The College Years and she is like Palicki, in terms of the smirk.

So yeah, Jennifer Aniston is the bigger name of the two, but the caustic and overly neurotic Rachel Green schtick isn’t appealing, so it’s no wonder that the six female celebrities in the chart above each have an appealing vibe, whether by design or by happenstance. And of course, that brings me to the second main point of this entry, which is that Chante Adams is the only one of those six chart celebrities to not have a movie anywhere near Catch-22 Hundred status. And given her natural radiance, it’s time for that to change, so I’m going to assess The Photograph, as well as do a plot jot of A Journal For Jordan, because those are her two best paths to the Project. Plus, the expectation is that one of them needs to pass, in order for her to be a part of Catch-22 Hundred lore. 

Alright, so my approach to getting a Chante Adams movie into the Project is treat The Photograph as a flier movie, and also with the approach of A] Deeming The Photograph as satisfactory, so that the plot jot of A Journal For Jordan can be done later or B] Doing the plot if The Photograph fails. So, no matter how you look at it, at least one of those two movies is going to be yet another worthy one in the logjam of movies vying for the vacated spot of White Men Can’t Jump ’23 and beyond. 

The selection process continues.