Tiffani-Amber Detour, Part 6

It’s been nearly four weeks since I’ve blogged about anything at all, and it’s been nearly eight months since I’ve blogged about obtaining digital movies via hard copy (DVD), as I was pretty content about getting the two Tiffani-Amber Thiessen NBC made-for-TV movies (Sweet Dreams, Buried Secrets) and the other eight movies that I was able to view/buy only via either iTunes or Amazon.

However, the combination of giving digital only movies second chances, testing the theory to see if my eBay connection could (they did) burn movies that I saw via other streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Tubi) onto DVD for me and finding a second connection as a back-up to my first connection all led to me obtaining 10 more such movies. And to what those 10 movies are/were, well you can find out via the chart below.

*Denotes movie that I got from the back-up to my first connection

MovieWhy I enjoyed it
InnocentI did a plot jot of this movie back in late-June of 2022 and found myself enjoying it way more than I did the first time.
CloudsI decided to give this movie another look in early-July 2022 to rid myself of the painful experience that was Death To Smoochy. And I’m glad that I did, because I enjoyed it way more the second time around.
KlausThe unique animation style is uniquely cool, along with the fact that it’s a movie with “grow-on” ability.
NoelleThis Anna Kendrick Christmas movie is the better of the two (Happy Christmas is the other) Anna Kendrick Christmas movies. Plus, Snowcone The Reindeer is completely deserving of Two ThouCentennial lore.
*The Ice Age Adventures Of Buck WildThis movie has the potential to be the second-best of all six Ice Age movies.
*Night OwlsThis Rosa Salazar movie has the potential to outrank another one of her movies in Alita: Battle Angel.
The After PartyOut of all the movies where Shelley Hennig has a substantial role, this one is the best of that lot.
TogoThe musical score, coupled with Leonhard Seppala’s relationship with the titular dog, is way too powerful to be denied Two ThouCentennial lore.
Next GenThis movie fills the “Ron’s Gone Wrong” void for the Two ThouCentennial Project. Plus, Anna Akana lending her voice to this movie is an added bonus.
*PreyThis movie has the potential to be the best of the Predator franchise.

Well, there you have it. 10 more digital movies that I was able to obtain via hard copy. And just like the five that I blogged about in part 5 of Tiffani-Amber Detour, these 10 all passed their sound and playability tests, thus them each being one step closer to Two ThouCentennial lore.

Tune in sometime either next month or March to find out where this road of hard copy obtainment takes me next.