Tiffani-Amber Detour, Part 5

Back in part 4 of Tiffani-Amber Detour, I did say that I was done blogging my agitations about the Apple company. And I pretty much am done with blogging about as such.

However, I wanted to post this quick-hitting blog entry of going back to the “burning digitally available movies onto DVD” well as this week’s entry on this (Kaycee And The Forefront) page. And as to why I wanted to do this, well (no pun intended) within the span of nearly seven months, I saw five additional digitally available movies that I enjoyed, in additional to 1 Night In San Diego, Tater Tot & Patton and Autumn Wanderer. And as to what those five movies are/were, well you can find out via the chart below:

MovieWhy I Enjoyed It
GlitchOf all the Emily Wickersham movies that I like, this one gives her the biggest role.
One Man And His CowThis movie is the quirky comedy about a person trying to get his or her beloved animal back, which also makes it heartwarming. And both those factors bode well for it, as such movies make the Two ThouCentennial Project more times than not.
Now You See It…This movie has the potential to outrank an enshrined Two ThouCentennial movie in Smart House. Plus, Aly Michalka should have as many (if not more than) movies as younger sister, AJ, does in the Project.
Suicide NoteKirby Bliss Blanton has a magic touch in all of her assessed movies, as such movies of hers are 6-for-6 in making the Project. This one is of course number 6.
Lust For LoveThis is one of the best movies in the career of Beau Garrett.

Of course, I (at three separate junctures) messaged the seller who I got those five movies (Sweet Dreams, Buried Secrets, 1 Night In San Diego, Tater Tot & Patton, Autumn Wanderer) from, to see if he or she could burn those chart movies onto DVD for me. And sure enough, the seller said that he or she could burn those chart movies for me onto DVD. And not only could the seller do that for me because in addition, I have since gotten all five of those DVDs. Plus, they all passed both the playability and sound tests, thus translating to five more movies that I like all being one step closer to making the Project.

So yeah, taking the detour that I first took on New Year’s Eve 2021 has been a road well worth taking, as it’s been one of the ways for me to eventually get the best 2,100 movies for the Project. And all because of two 1996 post-Saved By The Bell movies, which of course both star none other than Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, whom will always be known to me as playing Kelly Kapowski in that 1989 through 1994 stretch first and foremost.

Well, that does it for now when it comes to blogging about navigating the Digital Rights Management frustrations when it comes to buying digitally available movies. This of course isn’t the finality of me blogging about as such, because there could be more digitally available movies that I will blog about if the opportunity presents itself.

Alright everybody, blog to you all again on this page next week.