Three Contenders, Two Flier Movies And Two Fallback Options

Four days ago on The Bonus Round page, I blogged about two more already assessed/re-assessed movies that saved themselves from joining the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page, with those two movies being Class Act and Changeling, thus giving the projection of all 2,117 overall guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred spots being filled. And should all certain pending expectations be met, well then that leaves spots 2,118 through 2,122 as the last ones to fill before the last two selection protocols go into effect. And given how tedious that those two selection protocols will be, well then the movies that I’m about to blog about are going to find themselves in a very advantageous situation.

However, this particular faction of the selection pool comes with a catch, which is that two of the five movies that I had thought up between the publishing of “Two More Movies ‘C’ Their Way Into The Slow-Moving Selection Process” and the writing of this entry were intended as “flier” movies, meaning that they are movies that I don’t expect to make the Project yet could emerge as pleasant surprises. So given that twist, two additional movies were/have been chosen as fallback options, in the event that both flier movies fail their assessments/re-assessments. 

Of course, this group is comprised of seven movies, so I’ll once again mention each movie via chart form, which you can see below:

MovieWhy it’s being assessed/re-assessed
Mending The LineFirst off, Sinqua Walls has trended upwards, thus the component of him being the protégé of Brian Cox’s character an excellent one. Secondly, Perry Mattfeld finally gets a chance to be a part of the Project. Third, the always reliable Wes Studi provides strong support once again. And lastly, this movie has an excellent plot. It’s surely a contender for the Project.
Penguins Of MadagascarThose Penguins at times stole the 2005 through 2012 trilogy, kind of like how the Minions stole both Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. And just like the Minions, those Penguins get their own movie. Plus, it has the legendary John Malkovich among the cast.
Mulholland DriveFirst off, David Lynch has never had a movie of his make the Project, and he’s way too talented of a director for that to continue. Secondly, Laura Harring is a smoke show in this movie and deserves something, in addition to The Punisher, as a Project movie. And lastly, Katharine Towne deserves to have a movie of hers in the Project.
True LiesThe first of the two “flier movies”, due to this one boasting the presence of Tia Carrere. But given what she amassed from 1991 through 1993, this movie could be a complete letdown.
Somewhere In QueensThe other “flier movie”, due to it being something that can potentially work in an evaluation line-up with Autumn Wanderer. But given the blandness of Everyone Loves Raymond and the failure of Welcome To Mooseport (Ray Romano co-stars along with Gene Hackman), expectations for it are modest.
Horizon LineClips of the show “Girls” further increased the stock of Allison Williams, thus making this movie a fallback option for either the aforementioned True Lies or the aforementioned Somewhere In Queens.
PrisonersThis movie kept popping as a potential option for assessments/re-assessments yet kept getting passed over. But thanks to Jermaine Fowler mentioning that Paul Dano’s character in this movie gave him inspiration for his character “Clifton” in The Blackening, along with it having the chilling vibes of both Morgan Freeman-led movies based on James Patterson books, this movie finally gets its opportunity. Plus, it’s the other fallback option for either the aforementioned True Lies or the aforementioned Somewhere In Queens.

Of course, all seven of those movies listed above all make a great case for why they deserve to make the Project. But like professional sports, the game of making the Catch-22 Hundred Project isn’t won nor lost on paper. Especially when a movie, such as Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre failed its assessment, while the likes of Violent Night and The Blackening both completely exceeded their expectations. 

Tune in to all of the upcoming Nog Reports from tomorrow through sometime in either March or April of 2024 to find out how spots 2,048 through 2,122 all completely round out.