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On February 14, 2019, Steve blogged about the session of his 78th tattoo.

Check it out and enjoy!

“Go With The Row, Part 2”

                                           Monday Madness continued, as St. Patrick’s Day 2014 would become both the third consecutive Monday and fifth Monday in a seven-week span in which I would get tattooed. And after getting through yet another eight-hour work day, I hopped into my car to proceed to Obsession. And as soon as I got there, Mikey was ready to tattoo me. But before that could happen, the steps preparing the stencil, prepping my lower left shin to lower left ankle area (the spot where the piece was going) and applying the aforementioned stencil all had to commence, to which they all eventually did. And after a few minutes of drying time, it was showtime.

The experience pain-wise for this piece was that it felt like I was getting tattooed by a jack hammer. And granted, both the shin area and lower ankle area fucking hurt when it comes to getting tattooed. However, Mikey was and remains the most heavy-handed person to ever tattoo me. Despite all of that, the tattoo was a short one, as it lasted roughly 10 minutes, so I hung tough like I always do.

After those aforementioned 10 minutes had passed, tattoo number 78 was a wrap. And just like its 77 predecessors, it came out awesome.

After snapping picture of the piece with my iPhone, Mikey bandaged me up. I then cashed out with him, we then gave each other the homeboy hug and finally went our separate ways, with him heading out to go have a St. Patrick’s Day meal that he really wanted to have, and me heading over to another shop to get another shop to get another tattoo that has since been null and void.

Tune in tomorrow to see where my tattoo adventures take me next.