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On August 15, 2019, Steve blogged about which artist that he chose for his 122nd tattoo.

Check it out and enjoy!

“Tattenstein: Part 2”

                           On more than one occasion, Mark (the owner of Scorpion) suggested that I have his friend and the star artist at Shogun, Nick, tattoo me. And since it was more than one occasion, I heeded his advice. However, there was only problem and that was Nick almost always got overly booked, with such a scenario lasting as long as six months. So with that being said, I went down to Shogun on the fourth and final Sunday of February 2014 to go book something with him for six months down the road.

But luckily, Nick was only booked up a little under five months at that time, as he had the second Sunday of July 2014 completely wide. And without hesitation, I took it. Or so I thought, as I caught another lucky break, by Nick deciding to move up the appointment by five days. And of course, I also accepted that without any hesitation.

Tune in tomorrow for the session of it.