The “Wish” Of None Of These 16 Movies Getting Delayed

**Note: To all real-life people with the name Pamela Finklestein, I apologize in advance  

As it stands right now, the 16 new and upcoming movies that are in the mix for the 42 foreseeably open Catch-22 Hundred spots haven’t fallen victim to the badly-bungled (and Nanny-led) situation that remains ongoing in the movie industry. But that number could reduce at any moments notice and that could be deflating, because 15 (The Hunger Games: The Ballad Of Songbirds & Snakes isn’t expected to succeed) of those 16 movies all have the qualities of movies that should compete March Madness style in making the Project. Here’s hoping that those 15 are among the 42.

Of course, I have written four blog entries about certain new and upcoming movies being substituted from my foreseeable watch list, due to the handiwork of Pamela Finklestein. And of course, with that being said, I have decided to predict whether those 16 movies will get delayed or not via the chart below:

MovieWill it be delayed?
Blue BeetleGiven that we are a week away from a wide United States release and tickets are available for pre-order via Fandango, it would be colossally stupid for that movie to kowtow the handiwork of Pamela Finklestein, therefore I predict no delay.
StraysThis movie was originally set for a United States wide release date of this past June 9, only to have that fall through via the Writers Strike. It’s now set to be released on the same exact day as the aforementioned Blue Beetle. So, given that and its tickets being available for pre-order via Fandango, I don’t see it being delayed a second time.  
Gran TurismoThis movie was supposed to come out today (August 11), but moved its release date to two weeks from now. There still could be time for a second delay to occur, but reports indicate that that will not be the case, therefore I don’t see it being delayed a second time.
The Equalizer 3This movie’s United States wide release date is three weeks away and although tickets aren’t yet available for pre-order, it’s way too late to delay its release date.
A Haunting In VeniceThis movie is five weeks away from its wide release, which could make it the first movie in this group to be delayed. But if a delay isn’t being reported five weeks out, then all indications are that it will be getting its wide release on September 15.
Dumb MoneyDrive-Away Dolls was taken out of the September 22 slot, in part to give this movie an undeterred path to possibly reign during its opening weekend. So, given that, it would be very counterproductive for this movie to receive the same exact treatment.
The CreatorGiven the polarizing nature surrounding Artificial Intelligence, this movie could be the first one in this group to be delayed. But given that polarizing nature, releasing this movie on its intended wide release date of September 29 will be a great indictor of how we feel about Artificial Intelligence as a society.
Five Nights At Freddy’sThis movie’s wide release date of October 27 is four days before Halloween, which makes it all the more reason that it won’t get delayed.
The MarvelsThis movie has been delayed six times already and reports indicate that there won’t be a seventh delay, therefore it will get its United States wide release date of November 10.
Trolls Band TogetherThis movie still has time to delay its wide release date. But given that the COVID pandemic impacted its predecessor, I don’t see this movie kowtowing to The Frandemic.
The Hunger Games: The Ballad Of Songbirds & SnakesGiven the constant cloud of uncertainty with Snow White ’24 and Paddington 3 being delayed, Rachel Zegler needs something to break her way, therefore this movie won’t be delayed.
NapoleonSir Ridley Scott & Company are making a strong push for the Oscars with this movie, so a delay would be counterproductive to that goal.
WishThis movie has been thrown out there as one that could potentially be delayed. But if Magazine Dreams (a Disney-owned movie via Searchlight) can stay committed to its original United States wide release date of December 8, then I don’t see Wish straying away from its United States wide release date of November 22.
Poor ThingsThis movie was originally set for a United States wide release date of September 8, only to kowtow to The Frandemic. But luckily, it won’t get pushed into 2024 like Drive-Away Dolls did, as this one has moved to December 8. And given that this movie is also making an Oscar push, I don’t see a second delay for it.
WonkaGiven that this movie’s United States wide release date is 10 days before Christmas Day, it wouldn’t make sense for it to be delayed. Besides, it comes off as a movie that is perfect to see during the holidays.
MigrationCome December 22 (this movie’s United States wide release date), The Frandemic should be over, thus making a potential delay for this movie a completely moot point.

Yes, I don’t see any of those 16 movies having their releases delayed and that’s based on A] How close a lot of these United States wide releases are and B] Someone on either side of this conflict coming to the realization that it shouldn’t drag into 2024.

Tune into part two of this ongoing series, as the statuses of both Blue Beetle and Strays will be resolved by then.