The Way Too Early Tier 11 Movies Prediction Entry

From November 1, 2022 through November 8, 2022, eight of the 47 movies vying for spots 2,001 through 2,047 of The Two ThouCentennial Project have already been assessed and only two of them (Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile and Black Adam) were successful. And of course, with that being said, the other 39 movies have yet to be assessed, but that won’t start until possibly this coming Thanksgiving Eve at the earliest, as that day will be the release date of the first movie that’s listed via the first of three charts below. 

So without any more ado, I present to you all this way too early predictions entry for the 39 movies that will are vying for spots 2,009 through 2,047 of The Two ThouCentennial Project.

Chart #1

MovieIts Way Too Early Prediction
Strange WorldDisney animated movies almost always have success in making The Project, so given that and the neat graphics that this movie presents, it’s in line for spot number 2,009.
Puss In Boots: The Last WishThis movie’s predecessor (Puss In Boots) is already an enshrined Two ThouCentennial movie and the entire Shrek franchise is on pace to be enshrined as well. So given all of that, it will succeed in living up to the reputation of those five movies, thus it being in line for spot number 2,010.
Flora & UlyssesA squirrel that isn’t humanoid and has super powers is unique, compared to humanoid movies, such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But given how cute that that squirrel is, this movie is going to be tough out during assessment time.
Marcel The Shell With Shoes OnA one-inch seashell that talks and subsequently gets interviewed by Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes? The latter part is stupid beyond belief, thus it will be the seventh movie that will struggle (if not fail) its assessment.
Gigi & NateThis movie has the vibe of being a 21st century version of Born To Be Wild, the latter of which is already an enshrined Two ThouCentennial movie. The pre-assessment buzz bodes well for this movie.
Shazam! Fury Of The GodsThe upside that this movie presents, along with the presence of Grace Caroline Currey, makes this movie a pre-assessment slam dunk.
The Tiger RisingThis movie has a vibe that is similar to Mia And The White Lion, the latter of which is a movie awaiting evaluation. So given that, this movie is in an advantageous pre-assessment position.
The Wolf And The LionSee one spot above.
The MenuThe presence of Anya Taylor-Joy is the reason why this movie is among the 39. But given that she’s had six movies fail assessment/re-assessment, along with the potentially traumatizing subject matter that this movie has, it could be the second struggling one that’s in this group, from the standpoint of it being assessed.
LuckThis movie has Coraline vibes about it. And given the high regard for the latter of the two movies, this movie is in an advantageous pre-assessment position.
FinchA movie about a robot built to protect his creator’s dog and stars Two ThouCentennial regular Tom Hanks? Pre-assessment slam dunk!
GreyhoundThe presence of Rob Morgan in a World War II era movie bodes well for this movie, as World War II era movies always find a way into The Project. But the short running time could be a bit of a downside, so it could be on the outside looking in come selection time.
CyranoThis movie has four things going for it, which are the presence of Peter Dinklage, the presence of Haley Bennett, an opportunity for Kelvin Harrison Jr. to have a substantial role movie of his in The Project and the fact that this trended upwards during the early stages of the Saved By The Bell jot down era. But one thing could cause all of that to go for naught and that is that it could give off the same vibe as Emma. ’20, the latter of which is on the verge of landing on the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page.

Chart #2

MovieIts Way Too Early Prediction
Hocus Pocus 2It’s rumored that this sequel is nowhere on the level of its predecessor, the latter of which is an enshrined Two ThouCentennial movie. So given, it could be the third, fourth or fifth of the 39 movies to struggle in its assessment.
The Greatest Beer Run EverThis movie has Rock The Kasbah vibes about it, as both this movie and that movie are both Bill Murray movies. And given that the aforementioned Rock The Kasbah failed its assessment, this movie could be the third, fourth, fifth or sixth of the 39 movies to struggle in its assessment.
The Phantom Of The OpenThis movie has a vibe similar to The Personal History Of David Copperfield, the latter of which is competing for a fully guaranteed Two ThouCentennial spot. So given that vibe, this will be a tough out during assessment time.
Mrs. Harris Goes To ParisSee one spot above.
The BatmanThis movie is the potential beginning of a third Batman franchise, which is becoming a bit much. It could be ripe for the picking against any of the 29 movies that are in reserve to make The Project.
Run With The HuntedThis movie could be Dree Hemingway’s best shot at having a substantial role movie of hers make The Project. But given that five movies of hers are either on the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page or will be on that page, expectations are tempered about this movie making The Project.
Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverThe absence of Chadwick Boseman doesn’t bode well for this movie.
A Journal For JordanDenzel Washington directed movies are 1-for-3 in making The Project, although the successful one (Fences) of the three was his most recent one, prior to this one, so there is hope.
Emily The CriminalAubrey Plaza is 8-for-11 in having movies of hers make The Project. This movie could make it 8-for-12, as pre-assessment comments about this movie’s plot aren’t exactly favorable.
Magic Mike’s Last DanceThe Magic Mike movies did surprisingly well in making The Project, so the reputation of the first and second installments, along with the presence of Caitlin Gerard, bode well for this movie.
Ant-Man And The Wasp: QuantamaniaThis movie’s two predecessors are both awaiting enshrinement into The Two ThouCentennial page rankings, thus the reputation of those two movies boding well for this one.
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3This movie is in the same scenario as the two that are listed above it.
Spider-Man: Across The Spider-VerseThe success of this movie’s predecessor bodes well for it.

Chart #3

MovieIts Way Too Early Prediction
Transformers: Rise Of The BeastsAll it needs to do is show that it can be better than Transformers: The Last Knight, and it has the potential to do that.
ElementalPixar is 26-for-26 in their movies making The Project. And given that strong track record, this could very well be number 27.
Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part OneThe six installments, released 1996 through 2018, are all in The Project, thus that six-pack of success boding well for this movie.
The MarvelsGoose The Cat helped Captain Marvel make The Project. And if that creature is in this movie, then it bodes quite well.
The Equalizer 3The Equalizer 2 could outrank The Equalizer, thus that boding well for this movie.
WishAnother non-Pixar computer-animated that will be released by Disney. And given all that success, dating back to 2005 with Chicken Little, there is a future for this movie in The Project.
Trolls 3: TrollstopiaAnna Kendrick is on pace for 28 Two ThouCentennial movies, two of which are Trolls and Trolls: World Tour. This one is very likely number 29.
The Little MermaidThis movie could succeed like the 2019 version of Aladdin did.
Aquaman And The Lost KingdomDespite the controversy surrounding Amber Heard, this movie is one of the most anticipated sequels in Two ThouCentennial history.
Chicken Run: Dawn Of The NuggetAardman is 8-for-8 in having movies of theirs make The Project. And given that reputation, it could very well be 9-for-9.
NopePre-assessment comments about this movie weren’t good ones and that doesn’t bode well.
BreakingThe fact that it’s a modern day Dog Afternoon isn’t a good sign for this movie, despite the presence of the late Michael Kenneth Williams.
The Gray ManIt’s commendable that Ryan Gosling wants to be as versatile as possible, but he doesn’t scream CIA Operative and that could be this movie’s downfall.

Okay, so in all, 24 of the 39 listed above movies are all likely to make The Two ThouCentennial Project, which could translate to nearly two thirds of success. But again, this is a way too early predictions entry, so all of these chart predictions could be wrong come the end of 2023. And why I say the end of 2023 is because Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom will be the final assessed movie of this group sometime between Christmas Day of that year and New Year’s Day 2024. Regardless, these next 13-plus months will be interesting.

Tune in sometime at the end of this year to find out how some of these chart movies did in their pending assessments.