The Walrus Special

In the spirit of today being the first day of the 2022-23 NFL regular season, The Tentative Roster page has been completely revamped to the point that all of its changes have warranted its own page of site news items, as all of those updates are way too wordy for the 09-08-22 Nog Report. So without any more ado, let’s get right to it.

First up, Section One has been renamed The September 13, 2022 Through November 1, 2022 Nucleus. Its purpose is to have 37 particular movies ready for promotion to Tier 5 during that particular span. And as to what those particular 37 movies are, well you can find out via the numbered list below:

  1. Saved By The Bell: Hawaiian Style
  2. Sweet Dreams
  3. Buried Secrets
  4. Ivansxtc.
  5. The Brass Teapot
  6. The Chipmunk Adventure
  7. One Man And His Cow
  8. Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby
  9. He’s Just Not That Into You
  10. Notorious
  11. Greener Grass
  12. Made In Dagenham
  13. The Personal History Of David Copperfield
  14. Firewalker
  15. Suicide Note
  16. Apocalypse Now
  17. Girl In Progress
  18. Eternals
  19. Towelhead
  20. Red Rocket
  21. Exodus: Gods And Kings
  22. American History X
  23. Date And Switch
  24. Skylines
  25. Beyond Skyline
  26. Broken Diamonds
  27. Balance, Not Symmetry
  28. Beast
  29. Uncle Sam
  30. Mary Shelley
  31. Magnum Force
  32. Noelle
  33. The Last Stand
  34. Crawl
  35. Air Bud
  36. The Cobbler
  37. Saved By The Bell: Wedding In Las Vegas

Next up, the sections entitled “No Longer Impeded”, “Earned Their Keep” and “Brought In/Back For Tryouts” have all been discontinued.

Third, Building Blocks For Post-November 1 has been re-assigned to Section Two, therefore discontinuing The Farm Squad. Plus, Section Three has been renamed Likely Roster Filler and Section Four has been renamed Possible Multiple Waives.

Fourth, Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom has moved up to Tier 5 ahead of the tournament where 68 movies will battle for the 1,518th fully guaranteed Two ThouCentennial spot. So to fill the spot that was vacated by the aforementioned Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, The Tentative Roster page has re-signed Freedomland and subsequently placed it in the brand-new Section Four.

Fifth, The Tentative Roster page has waived 12 movies, which have all landed in Tier 10. They are the following:

  1. Frost/Nixon
  2. The Joneses
  3. Kickboxer
  4. Species
  5. Hello Herman
  6. Learning To Drive
  7. Enter The Dragon
  8. Mississippi Grind
  9. Hail, Caesar!
  10. The Party
  11. Chocolat
  12. Benjamin Troubles

Sixth, in a move to fill the spots of those first four waived movies, The Tentative Roster page has signed four Tier 9 movies and subsequently placed them in the brand-new Section Two. They are Love And Hostages, Sadie, Night Owls and Firehouse Dog.

And finally seventh, The Tentative Roster page has signed eight other Tier 9 movies and subsequently placed them in the brand-new Section Three. They are the following:

  1. The Lost Valentine
  2. Vacation Friends
  3. Painted Horses
  4. Duke
  5. How To Train Your Husband
  6. La Bamba
  7. Terminal
  8. The Last Mimzy

Well, that’s the entire revamp of The Tentative Roster page.

Thank you for tuning into The Walrus Special!