The Triangle Of Trouble

**Note: This page is not asking for financial information of any kind. Instead, it’s a review based on personal experiences that also allows others to share such experiences so that we can all help other fellow human beings.

My amount of dealings with the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion) is fairly small, but mostly frustrating. And why it’s mostly frustrating, well see the instances via the bullet points below:

  • Three separate times in August 2008 and September 2008, Equifax either gave me the runaround or almost made me lose interest in what I planned for those particular separate times with their delay tactics
  • On the third Friday of January 2020, Experian (not CreditSecure initially) made a big stink about my cell number being “compromised”. And of course, they were eight days late in being forthcoming to CreditSecure about my cell number being “compromised”. And of course, the big stink was most likely for my 01/03/20 (first Friday of 2020) access to the Receipt Hog app, as I needed to get a verification code on my phone to process my PayPal payout via that app
  • On the fourth Wednesday of April 2020, I found out from Experian via e-mail that a new registered (a word that rhymes with hex) offender is in my neighborhood. Now I appreciate the intent of them raising such an alert, but I also want them to be instantly forthcoming to CreditSecure about that, as I can get access to my CreditSecure account way easier than my Experian account. But instead, the inability of Experian to be instantly forthcoming to CreditSecure about both that April 2020 e-mail and in general give me the sense that they like to play mind games with the people that rely on their services. Plus, it wouldn’t surprise me if that alert was a case of them mixing up my neighborhood with someone else’s neighborhood

Of course, I didn’t mention TransUnion in those bullet points, as they haven’t given me any runaround. Plus, they haven’t used delay tactics nor were faulty in being forthcoming to CreditSecure. But I’m sure in time, TransUnion will give me some kind of issue. Especially since that credit bureau is merged with the two stooges a.k.a. Equifax and Experian.

Honestly, I wish there was a better alternative to CreditSecure becoming instantly privy to the notifications that Experian sends via e-mail, and I wish there was a way that Equifax would stop with the runarounds and delay tactics. But as far as I know, such a credit reporting alternative isn’t out there, so I and possibly many others are stuck with a sketchy system that is also an artificial indicator in determining one’s overall character.

In closing, if you are someone with your own frustrations about the “iron triangle” of credit bureaus, please share your story in the comments section below so that we can all work together in preventing both the hassle that they cause and the hoops that they make us jump through.

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