The Tentative Toos: The Evaluation Pool Five That Might Not Survive

  During the week of September 23, 2019, I shook things up in the Evaluation Pool aspect of my movie evaluation project, which is now named Elite 1100, by temporarily removing five particular movies from it, due to reasons that put their Elite 1100 status into question. 

Below is the chart with the five particular movies and the “too questionable” reasons for each of them being in this scenario:

MovieWhy it’s in question
Valerian And The City Of A Thousand PlanetsA little too contradictory and too wooden, meaning Valerian (Dane DeHaan) contradicts himself as an officer of the law, by shooting an unarmed individual whom appears to want to help him. That’s the former. As for the latter, DeHaan’s chemistry with Cara Delevingne and vice versa is wooden, and can make a case as one of the worst onscreen couples in the history of movies.
Logan LuckyToo rushed, meaning the explanation of how Jimmy (Channing Tatum) pulled off the heist was mostly poorly written dialogue. Plus, the presence of Hilary Swank as Special Agent Sarah Grayson in the movie’s final scene created a little too much of a cliffhanger, along with being pointless to begin with. 
How To Be SingleToo cringe and a little too psychotic. Quite a bit of the dialogue by various cast members (Rebel Wilson) applies to the former, along with the subplot of the romance between Meg (Leslie Mann) and Ken (Jake Lacy). Plus, Alison Brie as Lucy and how hellbent she is about getting married, along with her obsession of wanting to create a dating app, makes her the movie’s most psychotic character by a country mile.
Good KidsA little too ambiguous. The vow between Andy (Nicholas Braun) and Nora (Zoey Deutch) of not making new friends at school, only for Andy to violate that vow during the movie’s final scene. It’s Elite 1100 status comes down to open interpretation of the romance between Andy and Nora, and Andy being dropped off at school during the aforementioned last scene of the movie.
Dangerous MindsA little too cringe and possibly too inaccurate. It doesn’t have as much cringeworthy dialogue as How To Be Single, but the cringeworthy dialogue is indeed noticeable. That’s the former. As for the latter, it was reported that quite a few liberties were taken with the factual events of ex-Marine Louanne Johnson trying to connect with her students to the point that it hardly seems like it was based on a true story.

So with the questionable aspects being mentioned above, what does it mean for those five movies?

Well not much, as the decision process pertaining to those five movies is still ongoing. But when a decision for each of them has been reached, you will all find about it via The Nog or the Evaluation Pool Rankings.

Stay tuned.