The Stretch Run Of Trying To Shed So Many Tiers

Another Catch-22 Hundred domino fell yesterday, as Trolls Band Together expectedly passed its assessment, thus narrowing down the amount of foreseeably open Catch-22 Hundred spots to six. However, with that being said, filling out those six spots won’t be as simple as originally planned, as the still uncertain status of immediate assessment accessibility for Poor Things could cause the new Eli Roth movie “Thanksgiving” to take its place in the Walrus 23 selection protocol. And that’s just the beginning of this convoluted mess because in addition, the aforementioned Poor Things is still rumored to be released theatrically in an area that is near me, which means that either A] Thanksgiving can get the Tier 12 spot that Wonder Woman: Bloodlines squandered away, or B] It will need to go 1-1 against the aforementioned Poor Things and Napoleon, especially since the latter is looking like the weakest link of the six movies that are favored to round out the 2,140 overall guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred spots. However, Thanksgiving could also be the odd movie out amongst the trio of it, the aforementioned Poor Things and Napoleon. Yes, that’s all one totally mind-wracking scenario.

However, what can be counted on is that the movie “Husband For Hire” won’t get passed over for any movie that’s in that trio, as both the presence of Nadine Velazquez and her chemistry with Mark Consuelos are just way too good to keep on the post-2,140 waiting list for an indefinite amount of time. So, given all of that, it might not even matter for any movie of that trio come selection time for which six movies will round out the 2,140.

Of course, that four movies for two spots scenario is the only uncertainty for rounding out the 2,140 by New Year’s Day 2024, as no movie via the quartet of the Tier 12 fallback options (The Bad Guys, Margin Call, Hunt To Kill, At Eternity’s Gate) will defeat the quartet of Wish, Wonka, Migration and Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, nor is the former of the two quartets collectively better than the latter quartet. However, all of this is currently mere speculation, as the aspects concerning Thanksgiving, Napoleon and Wish all won’t be resolved until a week from today.

Stay tuned.