The Six Steps To Greener Pastures A.K.A. Successful Self-Employment, Part 5

Previously in Tats What’s Up!, I mentioned that I came up with six steps to ensure that this Art Infliction team goal will be met, hence part of the title in this subseries. However, with that being said, I already blogged at length about four of those steps during the early part of 2020, along with partially blogging about a fifth step during that same timeframe. So instead, I’ll give you all quick hitters with some extra detail about those five steps, add the sixth step at length and then tell you all about the exact meaning of the Greener Pastures aspect of this subseries title. The quick hitters are via the bullet points below:

  • Step One: If you want to get into the online self-employment field, find your own personal unique experience about something that you’re knowledgeable about. For me, it was first being inspired to do painted rocks before doing this ongoing run of tattoo subseries.
  • Step Two: Find a platform to showcase both the unique experience and knowledge. For me, it became finding a domain name and website package via WebStarts before eventually switching to the combination of HostMetro and WordPress for what is the current version of the Art Infliction website.
  • Step Three: Monetizing your platform. The aspiration of making money online is usually associated with having something to sell, which A) Severely limits that aspiration and B) Is why having content is the way to go. So how does one sustain Point B? Well, sign up with a banner ad company as a publisher so that you can monetize your platform via website views. For the early part (2014 through early 2016) of almost eight total years, I’ve gone through several banner ad companies as a publisher before permanently settling on AdSense during late-April 2016.
  • Step Four: Finding the tools to accelerate the constant visibility of your content. For more on that step, simply go check out my entry, entitled, “I Got Fiverr In It”.
  • Step Five: If you go the route of Step Four after reading that hyperlinked entry, do your research about which sellers’ gigs you feel most comfortable in utilizing for constant visibility of your content. Of course, I haven’t used Fiverr for traffic-driving purposes in nearly three and a half years, yet the website view numbers that I have been seeing on the Art Infliction AdSense publisher’s account since late-September 2021 has led me to believe that all those past Fiverr methods are still, in part, working their magic today. 
  • Step Six: Add and integrate. In order to get the success that you strive for, add to what you’ve been doing, extend your self-employment olive branch to anyone that might want to collaborate with you and integrate whatever they contribute via collaboration(s) into your self-employment vehicle. I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with nearly 200 people for nearly eight years and without any of them, Art Infliction wouldn’t be as diverse as it is nor would I be as versatile as I am. Oh yes, I also want to point out that this step will go a long way to constantly bringing views for your content.       

Alright, so before I finish ringing in 2022 with this blog entry, I did say that I will explain the meaning of the Greener Pastures aspect of this subseries title. And since a promise is a promise, I will indeed do as such via the next paragraph.

You see, on more than occasion during the span of December 2013 through May 2014, my then-supervisor at my now former day job told me that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence, which judging from her pessimistic outlook on life, made it sound as if I would have no chance at being both happy and successful doing something else. And while the grass isn’t always greener on the other side for those looking to make a job and/or career change, my decision to leave my day job to do this Art Infliction thing has both opened and re-opened a lot of doors for me in my life. Plus, I am confident that it will open and re-open many more doors in my life, as well as in the lives of others, because there are others that deserve such opportunities as well. So if you look at the “green grass” motto from the standpoint of the third sentence of this paragraph, well then all we can say is that my then-supervisor couldn’t have been more wrong.

To be continued.