The Second Chance For Starlet Shines, And It Could Shine Bright!

After learning the symbolic meaning of the cat that Ben (LaKeith Stanfield) crosses paths with multiple times in Haunted Mansion, which is a pleasantly surprising movie, I thought about re-assessing three other movies that featured implied symbolic meanings. And as to what those three movies were, well they were The Art Of Racing In The Rain, A Dog’s Purpose and Starlet.

But after realizing that the symbolic meanings were/are too stupid to even fathom for two (The Art Of Racing In The Rain, A Dog’s Purpose) of those three movies, I settled on giving one of them a re-assessment, with that one obviously being Starlet. And as to why that movie will be getting a re-assessment, well A] It gives Dree Hemingway a more substantial role, compared to The Disaster Artist, B] It gives Stella Maeve a shot at having a movie of hers in the Catch-22 Hundred Project, C] It could outrank About Cherry in the Catch-22 Hundred rankings, D] It could work well in an evaluation line-up that has Crawl, Noelle, Black Samson and The Last Stand, and E] It could be an evaluation that’s conducted before a viewing of the Saved By The Bell episode “The Senior Prom”. So, given all of that, it’s expected to be yet another movie that will add to the savagery of the Catch-22 Hundred selection process. 

Tune in sometime after August 22 to see if Starlet makes the cut for the spot-fill tournament that will eventually determine which movie gets the vacated spot of White Men Can’t Jump ’23.