The Rum Round

Ever since resuming active movie assessing back in June 2016, I’ve gone full tilt in many movie assessing marathons, whether it was in the then-ongoing one in fall of 2019 in which I saved the movie Sex Drive for last or the 100-movie assessment one that I’ve since made quite a bit of progress with. And of course, that will continue with The Karl-Nine Marathon, as well as another marathon that I’ve since put together called The Rum Round Marathon, a movie assessment marathon that features a second re-assessment of The Rum Diary and 11 other movies.

To see which 11 movies are in this upcoming marathon with The Rum Diary and the reasons why they will be either re-assessed or assessed for the very first time, simply view the chart below:

MovieWhy it’s being assessed
The Rum DiaryIt gets a second re-assessment, due to it being based on a book instead of it being on a true story. Plus, it’s worth finding out if it deserves to be in the same ranking tier as both The Tailor Of Panama and Papa Hemingway In Cuba.
The ChamberThis movie gets a re-assessment, due to The Conspirator’s stock rising for Tremendous 1200 consideration.
I Like It Like ThatThis movie gets a re-assessment, due to both Vincent Laresca being a light-hearted character for a change and the fact that it has historically worked well at various times with Harlem Nights, Gladiator and Desperado.
Better Luck TomorrowThis movie has fallen through the cracks from being assessed for far too long.
Sword Of VengeanceThere is no such thing as too much Annabelle Wallis.
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of WaterIf The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie can get Tremendous 1200 consideration, then this movie deserves an assessment.
That’s My BoyDespite two very disgusting subplots in this movie, it could oddly enough work well in a line-up with both Grown Ups 2 and Just Go With It.
The LifeguardThere is no such thing as too much Kristen Bell.
Gone In 60 SecondsThe same reason as Better Luck Tomorrow.
Bold NativeThere is no such thing as too much Dianna Agron.
Skid MarksSame reason as Bold Native.
GoneThere is no such thing as too much Amanda Seyfried. Plus, this is an opportunity to find out about Emily Wickersham a little bit more.