The Nomadic Substitute

Okay, I did say in the last Sneak Leaks entry that that particular entry would be my last ever in the Sneak Leaks portion of the Art Infliction website. And while the new and expansive direction will still occur on September 7, 2020, there is something that I want to mention about the ongoing movie assessment marathon, which right now is 59 (should be 58) movies away from completion.

You see when I did my second assessment of Trust Fund on June 21, 2020, I noticed that the scenes in that movie’s closing credits in the Amazon Prime version were totally different compared to the iTunes version, thus deeming it as an incomplete assessment. And since I deemed it as such, I ordered the DVD version of that movie to see what set of scenes were/are in the closing credits. The delivery date of that DVD is estimated for this coming June 29.

Of course, I wanted to have the 59 completions instead of writing this entry, along with the very real prospect of having 24 assessments finished within the span of June 21, 2020 through June 28, 2020. But given the confusion of Trust Fund’s closing credits scenes and the estimated delivery date of that DVD, the amount instead became 23 assessments finished. Or so I thought, as I decided to substitute a movie in for Trust Fund, with that one being the Michael Douglas-led movie Traffic. And as to why I decided to substitute that movie in for Trust Fund, well the intertwining style of multiple storylines and the cast involved really jumped out at me. Plus prior to this entry, that movie was the most notable one that I didn’t add to my assessment list. 

Of course during the past two Sneak Leaks entries, the combined five movies (Old School, Zookeeper, Van Wilder, Term Life and Me, Myself & Irene) that I mentioned were deemed as nomad assessments, meaning that none of them are a part of both the ongoing movie assessment marathon and the movie assessment marathon that follows. And the same could be said for Traffic, except it’s getting subbed in for Trust Fund so that I can meet my quota of 24 completed assessments by June 28, 2020. 

Alright, this is now the last ever Sneak Leaks entry, as every future assessment after the next movie assessment marathon will be added to the new feature that will launch on September 7, 2020.

Stay tuned.