The Next Legitimate Tier 12 Contender, And An Additional Replenishment

Curveballs come every now and then during the ongoing selection process of the Catch-22 Hundred Project, such as The Blackening being way better than expected. And of course, with that being said, I was thrown another curveball today, as a movie that I originally expected to be the first building block of the Eastern Bluebird 53 page rallied towards the end of its full-on assessment after it appeared to be yet another movie that was on the verge of failing. And as to what that movie was, well it was The Last Of The Mohicans, which is now third in Tier 12 of the Land Of Infusion page.

Of course, being third in the Tier 12 standings doesn’t guarantee The Last Of The Mohicans an overall guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred spot, as it has to go damn near perfect against North Hollywood and the 13 out of 14 movies that are in Tiers 9 and 11. And of course, with the 13 out of 14 movies being said, it was decided that another movie was going to be added to Tier 9. And as to what that movie was, well it was Dirty 30, due to the possible intrigue of an Anna Akana movie battling both Saved By The Bell movies and The Blackening for a fully guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred spot. 

14 movies (including North Hollywood) will be jockeying against the trio of Emily The Criminal, White Men Can’t Jump ’23 and The Last Of The Mohicans for what is likely going to be 12 overall guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred spots, as Carmen and Mending The Line are both predicted to punch tickets into the Project. And should both predictions come true, then five movies will have to battle it out to make the cut for the final 78 unless The Frandemic becomes an unlikely ally this calendar year.

Stay tuned.