The Movies Assessed In The Unofficial Seventh Movie Assessment Of 2020, Part 1

Ever since challenging myself with six movie assessment marathons this calendar year, I’ve mostly stuck to the plan in finishing each assessment in order, as four (Cats, The Rhythm Section, Stand Up Guys, Malcolm X) of the movies still haven’t been assessed in their respective marathons, due to none of them being accessible at the times that those particular entries came out. And that’s not the only reason because in addition, other movies took precedent over them, in terms of being assessed, thus creating an unofficial ongoing seventh movie assessment marathon. And with the other movies taking precedent observation being said, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog entry to the then-undocumented ones that I’ve assessed so far, along with why I decided to assess them via the chart below:

MovieWhy I decided to assess it
Approaching MidnightThis assessment occurred towards the end of The Rum Round Movie Assessment Marathon, due to it being available via Prime Video. And as to why I decided to assess it, well I wanted to try to fill the void of a Jana Kramer movie (Click) with another one (this one) of her movies.
The TakeWhy I decided to assess it was because an international action thriller starring Idris Elba was just far too cool to keep overlooking.
DreddOne of my best friends told me that this movie version of Judge Dredd is better than the Sylvester Stallone version. Plus, there is no such thing as too much Olivia Thirlby.
ZathuraThe second Jumanji sequel yet I never knew of it until finding out that Jumanji: The Next Level was the fourth one in the Jumanji franchise, thus that reason and wanting to see everything in a movie franchise being why I wanted to assess it.
Inherit The ViperA movie that I found intriguing, based on the description of its plot.
What IfThere’s no such thing as too much Megan Park. Plus, I wanted to try the fill void of an Adam Driver movie (Logan Lucky) with another one (this one) of his movies.
Shaft’s Big Score!Despite how lame the experience of re-assessing the first one was, I decided to give this one a shot for franchise purposes.
Boxboarders!See seven spots above.
Next Day AirThe cast involved made this movie worthy of a re-assessment.
Shaft In AfricaSee three spots above.
Wish ManThree words: Kirby Bliss Blanton!
Prom NightSee eleven spots above. is no such thing as too much Emma Roberts nor is there no such thing as too much Tamsin Egerton.
FreaksThere is no such thing as too much Amanda Crew.
OnwardI’ve wanted to see this movie since I saw a trailer for it during late May of 2019. 
Just Before I GoSee the second reason of the Dredd column.
National Lampoon’s Dorm Daze 2: College @ SeaI assessed it again because it’s neck-and-neck with Skid Marks.
AdventurelandThere is no such thing as too much Margarita Levieva, despite her being a supporting actress in this movie.
Hulk (2003 version)Mark Ruffalo’s portrayal of Bruce Banner made me want to re-watch Eric Bana’s portrayal of him.
HaywireSee eleven spots above.
The OvernightThere’s no such thing as too much Taylor Schilling.
A Fistful Of DollarsA roommate of mine wanted to do a roommate movie night with this movie, therefore me walking right into an assessment.