The Impact Of The Little Mermaid ’23 On The Two ThouCentennial Project

Back in Determining 23 In ’23 (And In ’24), I predicted that The Little Mermaid ’23 would fall short in being one of the next 23 movies to get an overall guaranteed Two ThouCentennial spot, as I thought that its best bet was to get a Wild Card spot come #2,048 time. But those expectations were exceeded yesterday, as the performances (particularly by both newcomer Halle Bailey and the reliable Javier Bardem), flow of the storyline and graphics all cemented it as a legitimate contender for spots 2,048 through 2,070. And since that will mostly likely be the case, the paths to the Project have just gotten harder for Five Nights At Freddy’s, Black Samson and La Bamba. So, given all of that, what can be done to ensure that two (Five Nights At Freddy’s, Black Samson) of those three movies can both get the right to compete March Madness style to make the Project?

Well, to make things fair for those two movies, The Little Mermaid ‘23 and Showdown In Little Tokyo, the format of the last 30 Two ThouCentennial movies being determined Major League Baseball roster style will instead be applicable to the final 25 movies, therefore five new or fairly new movies will compete against five already assessed/re-assessed movies for spots 2,071 through 2,075. And with that being said, Five Nights At Freddy’s will move to that new group of five, while Joy Ride will take its place, with the expectation that Joy Ride won’t get a Top 23 spot on the Already Assessed & Re-Assessed Vs. Pending Rookie Scale page. And since it’s been decided that Five Nights At Freddy’s will move to that group of five, the question is, “Which other four will round out that group?”

Well, the answer is via the first of two charts below:

Movies That Will Join Five Nights At Freddy’sPost-Assessment Outcome
Spider-Man: Across The Spider-VerseThis movie might have a more complete feel to it than originally anticipated, therefore it will get the nod. Plus, given the success of its predecessor, it’s expected to join the Project.
A Thousand And OneThis movie was floated around as a new or fairly new movie for Section B of Determining 23 In ’23 (And In ’24), only to miss that cut. However, it doesn’t miss this cut and it could be a pleasant surprise during its assessment. 
Knights Of The ZodiacThe presence of Madison Iseman will make this movie a tough out.
The MarvelsThanks to Goose The Cat, this movie’s predecessor made the Project. And given the looks of this movie’s trailer, it could join its predecessor in the Project.

Okay, so that first chart was kind of cobbled together, as it was a struggle to field a competent group of new or fairly new movies for Two ThouCentennial consideration. But luckily, the same can’t be said for the five that Five Nights At Freddy’s and the four in the chart above will be competing against, as Black Samson, along with the now very shaky tandem of La Bamba and The Frighteners, will be three of those five. And as for what the other two of those five will be, well you can find out which ones that they are via the next chart below:

MovieWhy it will be among the five
NetworkThe 1970s grit of this movie, along with the “Mad as hell” scene, will make it a very tough out.
Out Of TimeThis is the second movie with Denzel Washington and Eva Mendes playing husband and wife, and it could outrank their first such collaboration (Training Day) in the Project. Plus, its nuanced style of mystery is comparable to Along Came A Spider.

As you all can see, The Little Mermaid ’23 has become the big disruptor in a prior (and simple) plan for determining spots 2,048 through 2,070 of the Two ThouCentennial Project. And that’s a good thing because its unexpected rise to the Already Assessed & Re-Assessed Vs. Pending Rookie Scale page has enabled yet another fresh idea of Two ThouCentennial competition, where A] Showdown In Little Tokyo remains a Top 23 movie for spots 2,048 through 2,070, B] Black Samson has more room for error in its attempt to make the Project and C] Five Nights At Freddy’s won’t be the odd movie out in the now brutal Section B of Determining 23 In ’23 (And In ’24). And of course, this big disruptor helped its own cause via being yet another pleasantly surprising live-action Disney remake. Plus, given that 10 of the 19 remaining Section B movies are favored to round out the Top 23 on the aforementioned Already Assessed & Re-Assessed Vs. Pending Rookie Scale page, this big disruptor will be making a big splash in the Two ThouCentennial Project.