The Fury, The Immediate, The Surprisingly Successful, The Top Target And The Game-Changer

For a little over a month, I’ve talked about wanting Batman Forever to be my 940th completed Catch-22 Hundred evaluation, as I haven’t seen a movie that has placed in or near the Top 100 since Songbird, which was the 900th evaluated movie for the Catch-22 Project. And of course, with all of that being said, I’m confident that the aforementioned Batman Forever will be pushing hard for that range, as I think that it’s neck-and-neck with Aquaman (currently 96th on the Catch-22 Hundred page), simply because both movies are DC Comics-themed movies that feature Nicole Kidman. 

But talking about wanting Batman Forever to be evaluation number 940 and finding the time to commit to that are two totally different things, as I don’t want to evaluate it coming off a bad movie, something that I have seen far too much of lately. Plus, I don’t want to go anywhere on a very quick turnaround after that evaluation because I want the eventual fact of it being number 940 to really sink in, thus I’m choosing this coming Wednesday as the day/night for that evaluation.

Alright, so this coming Wednesday is six days from now, which begs the question, “What on Earth will I do between now and then?” Well, how about another savage battle of 16 movies up for assessment/re-assessment, along with a movie (Fury) that was pardoned from the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page, taking on two successfully re-assessed movies (Breaking, Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris) and a brand-new movie (that will be mentioned later on in this entry) for six (or seven) of the vacant overall guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred spots. And of course, with the 16 movies up for assessment/re-assessment being said, you can find out which ones they are via the chart below:

MovieWhy it’s being assessed/re-assessed
Mending The LineThis movie has been a top target for assessment for the past eight weeks, and checking for digital and hard copy confirmation has been constant.
The Biscuit EaterA movie of the late Godfrey Cambridge totally deserves to be a part of the hallowed group of Catch-22 Hundred movies.
TracersThis movie allows for Marie Avgeropoulos to have a bigger role, compared to both 50/50 and I Love You, Beth Cooper.
AftershockThis movie, which features Lorenza Izzo, has been chosen as the one that will be assessed before the evaluation of Batman Forever.
AmsterdamTaylor Swift’s stock has gone up in both 2022 and 2023, which helps the cause of this movie, as it came out during the former of the two years.
Next GenOf the first 20 movies that were assessed/re-assessed, following the full-on assessment of Saved By The Bell: Wedding In Las Vegas, this one is the best of that lot and by quite a wide margin.
TrainspottingOf the 16 movies that are in this chart, it’s the one that will be the least likely to make the Project, let alone claim one of the foreseeably vacant Catch-22 Hundred spots, due to its headache-inducing style.
Gemini ManMary Elizabeth Winstead was a big part in getting Birds Of Prey And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn into the Project, and she could have that same type of impact with this movie.
12 MonkeysThis movie has slipped through the cracks for far too long. That changes with its inclusion in this schedule.
Bodies Bodies BodiesA24 has struggled with producing horror movies, which makes this movie a potential failure upon arrival.
BoundariesA road trip comedy/drama with Vera Farmiga and a cute dog is impossible to overlook.
DevotionThis movie was on the Catch-22 Hundred radar before it became lost in the shuffle. But thanks to OnDemand surfing, it’s finally included in this schedule.
HomeThis movie gives Aisling Franciosi a chance to redeem herself after that disaster, known as The Nightingale.
The Man With The Iron Fists 2Let’s see if this sequel is warranted or not.
Celeste And Jesse ForeverThe presence of Emma Roberts gives this movie vibes that are similar to the failure, known as In A Relationship.
Virtuosity This was one of the movies that introduced Russell Crowe to North American audiences, thus it deserves a re-assessment.

Alright, so the 16 movies have been mentioned, but only 15 of them can be seen between now and this coming Wednesday night, as Mending The Line won’t be accessible to assess until this coming September 26 at the earliest. You’ve got to love the staggered scheduling of digital/hard copy releases. Anyways, sarcasm aside, the way that I see these foreseeably vacant spots filling out is A] Mending The Line passing its assessment, B] Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris making it via The Creator failing its assessment, C] Breaking making the Project via passing its re-assessment exactly a week ago, D] The Biscuit Eater stepping up in a have to have it situation for the late Godfrey Cambridge, E] Next Gen making it via being a Constance Wu movie that can potentially outrank another Constance Wu movie in Hustlers, F] Amsterdam riding the wave of momentum that was created by Taylor Swift and G] The game-changer that is Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom via its official trailer being seen before the resumption of this entry being written, assuming that it doesn’t kowtow to The Frandemic, as its USA wide release date is slated for December 20, 2023.

Tune in to all foreseeably upcoming Nog Reports to the status of these next six (or seven) foreseeably vacant Catch-22 Hundred spots.