The First Potential Silver Lining Of The Frandemic

Between the posting of The “Wish” Of None Of These 16 Movies Getting Delayed and the writing of this entry, I constantly checked both Google news and Fandango to see if The Frandemic would really wreck the release dates of both Blue Beetle and Strays, as it somewhat did such a thing to Gran Turismo. But thankfully, those two new movies didn’t kowtow to that frustrating situation, thus I got my tour dates for those two movies booked for next week.

Of course, it’s too premature to predict the potential Frandemic fate(s) of the other 14 upcoming 2023 movies that I want to see/assess theatrically. But I did read a rumor last night that there could be could a cross-promotion of the movie Trolls Band Together with a possible NSYNC (Justin Timberlake reprises his role as Branch in this third installment) reunion, which is prohibited, per the rules that predate Pamela Finklestein’s SAG-AFTRA presidency. So, with the previous sentence being said, Trolls Band Together could be the first of those 14 movies to fall victim to The Frandemic. And should that be the case, then that’s alright because the logjam of movies vying for the foreseeable spots of the Catch-22 Hundred Project is a bit mind-wracking right now, thus it ironically being a silver lining.

Of course, I’ll be monitoring the situation of this rumor periodically to see if a movie like Jules will be substituted into that group of 14 or not. Stay tuned.