The Fifth & 10 Assessment Marathon

The movie assessing that I’ve been doing in 2020 has given me movies that either lived up to the anticipation (Bad Boys For Life), grown on me well after assessing (We Are Your Friends), were better than what I had expected (A Crooked Somebody) or still have me on the fence (Ragamuffin). And of course, the movie assessment marathons will keep on coming, such as The Rum Round Marathon, and Dangerous Minds And A Baker’s Dozen More Marathon. 

However, that’s not all because in addition, I have mapped out the next ten assessments following the latter of those two marathons. And as for what the name of this marathon will be called, well since it’s the fifth marathon of 2020, it will be called The Fifth & 10, meaning that there will be 10 assessments in this marathon. 

To see which 10 movies will be in this marathon, simply view the chart below:

MovieWhy it’s being assessed
Hercules (Disney version)It just screams re-assessment.
Hercules (Dwayne Johnson version)If the movie Centurion can use the word “fuck” multiple times and get assessed, then this movie and its usage of that word once deserves a re-assessment.
The Rhythm SectionIt never gets old seeing Blake Lively in movies.
Arctic DogsThis movie has long been on the assessment radar.
The Jerk TheoryIts status is predicated on if its mid credits scenes are deemed linear or not, thus a re-assessment. 
Trading PlacesIt’s worth re-assessing, simply because it leads to an interesting tie-in with Coming To America, another Eddie Murphy movie.
Season Of The WitchThis movie could be a pleasant surprise just like Drive Angry, another Nicolas Cage movie.
Groundhog DayThe new commercial that pays homage to this movie simply makes it worthy of a re-assessment. Plus, its stock has risen with the emergence of Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2 U.
The EastIt’s worth a re-assessment, due to how abruptly or not so abruptly that it ends.
Bilal: A New Breed Of HeroSame reason as Arctic Dogs.