The Fifteen And The Flier

Prior to my eighth (and current) movie assessment marathon, I tied up the loose ends of the then-pending assessments of Malcolm X, Stand Up Guys and The Rhythm Section, thus deeming their respective marathons as complete. And while I still have 67 (65 once this entry publishes) movie assessments to go in this current marathon, it’s never too early to plan the next one. Especially with hundreds of spots still up for grabs in the Two Thous-Ton Project.

Thus far in 2020, I’ve assessed 250 movies, although two of them (The Water Diviner, Miss March) were grandfathered away from the marathon style that I’ve since utilized, as neither of them were officially designated to take part in such, thus leaving me with 248 official marathon movies. And of those 248 official marathon movies, 122 of them have either clinched spots in the Two Thous-Ton Project or are all well on their way to doing as such. And with 67 more movie assessments still pending in this current marathon, there is a strong possibility of that number trending upwards.

Realistically, this current marathon could wrap up mid-to-late next month, as I’ve decided to become way more moderate with my movie renting habits. Plus, I have a stack of nine movies that are screaming for Two Thous-Ton enshrinement, thus another reason why this currently rapid pace will slow down.

However, that hasn’t prevented me from planning the ninth movie assessment marathon of 2020, which is the topic of this entry. Matter of fact, I began planning it out mid-to-late last month and actually finished rounding it out not too long before writing this entry. 

But unlike the currently ongoing movie assessment marathon, the amount of assessments in this upcoming group is way smaller, as there are only 16, all of which you can find out via the chart below:

MovieWhy it’s being assessed
IdiocracyMy younger biological sister recommended it to me, thus the pending assessment.
Boogie NightsA movie that has gotten a lot of rhubarb, so I might as well see why it’s garnered as such.
Paint It RedThere is no such thing as too much Kirby Bliss Blanton in the Two Thous-Ton Project.
The Lost FutureTwo words: Annabelle Wallis!
The Night ClerkThere is no such thing as too much Ana de Armas in the Two Thous-Ton Project.
Poison IvyA cult classic that has to be seen in order to compare it to what’s next in this chart.
Poison Ivy II: LilyHall Pass and Glory Daze will get Alyssa Milano into the Two Thous-Ton Project. However, this movie gives her a much bigger role, as well as an attempt to make up for her strikeouts with Little Sister, The Surrogate and Embrace Of The Vampire. Plus, it will be worth comparing this movie to its predecessor.
LOLThis movie is simply too charming to deny it a re-assessment. Plus, there is no such thing as too much Ashley Hinshaw in the Two Thous-Ton Project.
About CherryAshley Hinshaw’s most controversial role to date is worth a re-assessment. Plus if Boogie Nights can get an assessment, then this one deserves a re-assessment.
Adrift (Shaliene Woodley version)This movie is getting a second re-assessment, based on trying to figure out Tami Ashcraft’s cameo appearance.
Inheritance There is no such thing as too much Lily Collins in the Two Thous-Ton Project.
Mirror MirrorOn the basis of Julia Roberts’ character trying to court Arnie Hammer’s character, this movie deserves an assessment as much as (if not more than) LOL. 
The Marc Pease ExperimentEven with a projected 19 Two Thous-Ton movies, there is still no such thing as too much Anna Kendrick.
Girls Against BoysThere is no such thing as too much Danielle Panabaker in the Two Thous-Ton Project.
Think Like A DogA family movie about a dog and Megan Fox as one of the main characters? Absolutely!
The HuntThe “flier” movie in the sense that if two movies (Platoon, Blinded By The Light) with upsetting scenes can get Two Thous-Ton consideration, then this movie should at least get an assessment. Especially when one of its cast members is Emma Roberts