The Drive For 2,071 Through 2,075

On May 30, 2023, the determination of how the next 53 Catch-22 Hundred spots will round out has been further amended via Steve Kaycee feeling that the formula in determining 27 of the next 30 spots at one time was/is too outdated. So, because of that, he has decided that the battle for 27 of the next 30 will be divided into two separate battles, with five assessed/re-assessed movies competing against five unseen new or fairly new movies being one of them and many movies competing for the next 22 spots being the other one. And of course, three of the movies that are on this page are also on the Already Assessed & Re-Assessed Vs. Pending Rookie Scale page, thus giving them and two other movies one more path of least resistance chance to make the Project.

Furthermore, two movies will be competing against two unseen new/fairly new movies between now and possibly February. So to find out which ones that they are, simply view the numbered list and bold text.

*Clinches Top 5 Spot


  1. Black Samson*
  2. Out Of Time*
  3. Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse*
  4. Tron Legacy
  5. The Frighteners
  6. E-La Bamba
  7. E-Knights Of The Zodiac
  8. E-A Thousand And One