The Dawn Of Smard

Originally I was going to do a third blog entry about mitigating the negativity of social media, only to realize that that particular subject matter is perfect for the Kaycee And The Forefront page, a page that I typically update on a weekly basis. So, given all of that, the question is what will I blog about next for the sake of blogging/content-creating during the 09/06/23 through 12/14/23 span (Days 1,900 through 1,999) of the current Art Infliction era?

Well, given that I’ve come across more than person that uses being a role model as a guise for being a self-serving egomaniac, as well as the fact that such people could have ended up associating themselves with the Art Infliction movement, I’ve now realized that it’s okay to not be constant for the sake of being constant. Especially since I refuse to associate myself with those types of people.

Of course, all the upcoming milestone numbers of 1,932 through 2,200 remain, but I don’t have to work on all of them. However, I would like to acknowledge them in all of the upcoming Nog Reports that will span from tomorrow through July 2, 2024. So, with all of that being said, I can do a lot of two-day consolidation type Nog reporting from now through then, as today is one of those days.

In summary, I have decided to write this entry for the simple fact that I’ve been constantly burning out via keeping up with all these recent milestone days, which I feel is another good indicator that I’m not someone who uses feeling the responsibility of setting an example for others as a guise for being self-serving. Plus, the fact that I’m constantly running out of things to pre-write is all the more reason for me to do more load-management from now through early-July. And if you’re someone with as big a content-creating plate as mine or aspires to have that sizable of a plate, then please consider that giving yourself a day off to recharge your batteries is by no means a disservice to paying it forward.

Work smard!