The Continued Portal

If you’re on this page, then you’ve advanced past the Portal Of Preparation page to continue to learn how Art Infliction can play to your strengths.

But before we get to that, I do owe all of you the answer to how you can monetize your content, should you decide to to pursue the route of purchasing a domain name and web package. And now the drum roll please………..the answer is all around you on this site, as we use Google AdSense as our method of monetization. And depending on what kind of content that you want to host on your site, Google AdSense will approve you as a publisher almost immediately after signing up with them.

So now that we’ve gotten through the four steps of creating content, getting a platform, getting a monetization method for said platform and building an audience, it’s time to tell all of you the additional ways that you can succeed in the online working world.

Let’s first start with you getting your own product line via custom product for pay websites, where you can customize things such as coffee mugs and t-shirts with your own original artwork and/or sayings. I can provide with the names of some of the best custom product for pay websites.

Next up is if you feel really inspired to do your piece of handmade art, then let both your working surface and color pallet bring that piece to life. And if that piece is one that you feel absolutely confident about selling, then Etsy is the way to go.

And speaking of selling, put something that you might consider junk up for auction to possibly be someone else’s gem on a site, such as eBay.

Of course, I mentioned writing content, but what if you want to monetize your writing but without your own website? Well, you can write your own eBook to sell via Amazon or you can offer your writing services to Fiverr.

And speaking of Fiverr, offer whichever other services that you want to via that site because the more gigs, the more opportunities. And the more opportunities, well then you’re on your way to being a top level Fiverr seller. Oh yes, there are also ways that you can make money using apps, which you can find here and here.

Everything that I’ve covered in both this page and the Portal Of Preparation have been the ways that I’ve been able to successfully bet on myself.

However, both transferring and developing all of these ways to the working world wouldn’t be possible without my family supporting that I could eventually do all of this nor would it possible be to do all of this without them supporting my decision of leaving my day job. And of course, having both or at least one (especially the latter) of those things goes a long way, whether you’re me or someone else, such as a very awesome friend of mine who’s currently living her dream as a vet tech. And in all honesty, her telling me about the support that she got to currently live that dream truly reinforced my thought process of having a support system and truly reinforced my thought process of that like never before, so total props to her for this part of the program being written into existence.

Of course, getting support is one way for one to live his or her dream. But what about continuing that dream if more hurdles come along the way after the fact? What then?

Well the answer is a four-part one, with the first part being to have the belief within yourself that those who supported you before the dream and before the dream’s hurdles will always support you. The second part is an extension of the first part, which is assemble a team of like-minded individuals around you to continue living that dream, as a team around you is additional lifeblood when it comes to that. And of course, that second part is totally applicable for me, as I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near this far without that additional lifeblood. The third part is social networking because you can gain additional lifeblood for your dream that way, with apps/sites such as Live.Me and Fiverr both being prime examples of that. And finally, the fourth part is allowing those of you reading this page to utilize me as a resource of information, as I will personally give you input to help you make sure that your vision in this online working world is how you see fit.

Matter of fact, you can contact me here and I will answer your questions, as well as give you input to help your vision in this online working world. And I will do both to the best of my ability, whether your project applies to the material that was covered via this page and the Portal Of Preparation page or not.

It’s never too late to awake the sleeping giant within yourself to completely (and sometimes constantly) reinvent yourself nor is it too late to learn something new to potentially succeed with. And no matter what endeavor makes you the happiest, always know that you’ll always have my support.

To your dream coming true and going as far as you want with it!